Your Hair is in Your Hand: Save them!

Maybe you have a huge bank balance and a stylish gadget in hand, what is the point if your looks are really dull and unattractive?

That would be really disheartening right? Come on, no matter how you look, you can always enhance your appearance with different types of hairstyles.  There is a huge world stored in hair.

Ah, one of the biggest fears of many people as they get older might be hair loss or a scalp of damaged hair.

The medical name for hair loss that emerges when something stops the hair from growing is Anagen effluvium. [You know hair loss can take place because of a number of reasons. It might be from genetics, a shallow diet, extreme stress or a medical condition.

Hair damage can be emerged by drastic hair treatment and pitiable hair care.  In both the scenarios, the situations can be handled with right solutions.

There are amazing products like Ketomac shampoo hair fall that can be effective, useful and most importantly affordable for you. Once you begin to use such products for your hair care, you would reap only good outcomes.

Proper hair care is the must

You know you must talk to your hair stylist about your hair treatments and styling that will not damage your hair.

Hair treatments that do make use of chemicals, like bleach, hair color, straightening, or perms, might cause hair damage that makes your hair break or adversely fall off temporarily.

Similarly, another kind of hair damage and hair loss that can result from hair styling is when you wear your hair in a way that pulls too tightly on the hair. It is known as traction alopecia.

It is an issue that can permanently damage your hair follicles if you wear away such as an extremely tight ponytail or braids that pulls on the hair for a lengthy time.

It might go unnoticed in your day today life but it is one of the main reason that your hair fall and get damaged. And yes if you have been using weaves and extensions then you need to be cautious.

These can also lead to similar hair damage. You must not take any chance with your natural hair. After all, these natural things once lost cannot be got back.

If you are in a habit of over-brushing your hair then you need to shut it right away.

It is something that can instantly weaken and damage your hair. Over or roughly brushing your wet hair mainly can lead to breakage.

After all it is all about how you keep your hair in right shape. Of course, if there is dandruff there is no need to do any type of experiments that might lead to damage of your hair or hair fall.

It would be a sensible choice to pick an organic dandruff shampoo for your hair care. These shampoos are tested and overprotective for proper hair care. These won’t lead to any hair falls or any other issues.


Thus, your hair is always in your hand. It is all about how you treat them. The way you treat them, they treat you back.

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