World Renowned Heart Valve Replacement Technique Of India

Heart valve replacement operation now is one of the common surgical operation in India. The country has developed some the best alternate in whole procedures and the success rate is more than 95% including all small to big complications. In India, this critical operation is carried out in a very balanced approach which means, the surgeon cardiac and their equipment combined tuning will ensure high-end results.

How much will it cost?

If we talk about the heart valve replacement surgery cost, then it is quite affordable to any class of Indian and foreigner. The major reason for such a high success rate is the flow of knowledge that Indian doctors are maintaining with the international medical units of almost every leading nation. You can come over here for this operation without any second thought in mind.

What is heart valve replacement and how they do it?

Heart Valve Replacement operation is most of the time an open chest operation where the chest will be open up to reach the heart of the patient. Then new valve will be sewed to the place of the abnormal valve.

  • First of all, an Angiography of the patient will be done to know that which valve is not working properly in major cases 2 or sometimes 3 valves are faulty and pushes pumped blood back.
  • After doctors are confirmed then they took Chest X-ray and Echo Cardiogram of the patient.
  • And the third stage is operation and it took 4 to 6 hours.
  • After staying at Hospital for 7 days you will be discharged and slowly will come back to the normal routine.

Advantages of choosing India for heart valve replacement operation

  • The heart valve replacement surgery cost in India is very low as compared to the western countries. Here Valve surgery cost more or less is equivalent to the hip replacement surgery in the USA.
  • Most of the Medical professionals who performs the surgery was highly capable and well experienced as they already worked on international assignments of same surgery.
  • It is a well-known fact now that under the cases of heart surgeries the risk handling capabilities of Indian Doctors are higher.
  • The equipment used by Indian facilities are up to date and whole technique is imported from the top notch medical hub countries like the USA.
  • India is now a hub for the medical tourism so foreigners who visited here for surgery can undergo an operation in a very soothing environment just by paying little extra to agencies.

Things you should know?

  • There are two types of valves used first is prosthetic that has less risk of infection but low on life.
  • Mechanical valve has a high life but it is associated with some minor complication so talk to your doctor about that.
  • After surgery, you will start feeling great day by day so no need to get over frustrated.

Last but not the least, the suggestion is live a healthier life by following doctor’s prescription and changing your daily routine means do regular exercise and avoid bad food.

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