Why Web Design Is So Important for E-Commerce

If you want a successful e-commerce store, then it’s a truism that your web design needs to be fully on point. But why exactly is this, and why does good design help to drive intended outcomes, such as conversions?

Initial Perceptions

Your online web presence is an immediate presentation of your brand. Get it right and you will impress prospective customers with an offer that resonates with them. A website that is professional and well laid out and which has clear user journeys will immediately come across as being trustworthy. Entice visitors with great imagery, layout and clear copy and they will be inclined to browse, in the same they that they would in a traditional shop.


Great websites are accessible by all and will meet guidelines for readability and broad usability with designs that allow for easy reading and engagement, especially where users are visually impaired.

Clear Positioning

When your website is clean and well organized, it immediately conveys your brand and your offer. Users should be able to tell a bit about what you offer simply by seeing your website address. Elements such as product descriptions and meaningful names, product explainer videos, product photos and customer reviews all add to this positioning and clarification of who you are and what you are selling.

User Experience

The best websites guide users easily through their intended journey and take them to where they want to be. This means ensuring that the website is well laid out and thought through, with no dud pages or error messages. It should also be mobile-friendly and responsive. A web development company in London such as https://www.redsnapper.net will carry out in-depth research into user journeys and work with business clients to constantly refine their online presence to optimise the structure and layout of the site.

Conversion of Visitors to Buyers

Every business has a website in order to drive conversions – whether that’s to gain an email address for further engagement or to direct the customer to an online purchase page. Good design isn’t simple aesthetics: it drives utility and intended outcomes – in this case conversions. Design the website well and your conversions will increase over time.

These are just four reasons to focus on the design and structure of your website. What reasons matter most to your business?

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