Why are Egyptian cotton sheets so highly in demand?

The king of cotton

Egyptian cotton has a long and ancient history. For almost three centuries it has been the cotton of choice throughout the world, with an established reputation for softness, strength and superiority. Made from the species Gossypium barbadense, it was introduced into the country in the 1800s in a bid to improve the waning cotton crop.

So what makes Egyptian cotton so special?

There is a host of reasons why Egyptian cotton is so desirable. The warm Egyptian sun and the country’s climate means that the staple – or fibres – are longer than ordinary cotton. These long fibres mean the staple is an uninterrupted one and doesn’t need to be added to or mixed with others, making it much stronger than standard cotton.

The length of each fibre makes it possible to spin extra fine threads without compromising on strength; the finer it is, the softer it is. These are some of the distinguishing characteristics of Egyptian cotton. In addition, Egyptian cotton is handpicked, which guarantees not only a pure fibre but a much less stressed one than if it had been extracted by machine.

All in the eye of the beholder

Egyptian cotton sheets are more luxurious than regular cotton ones, having a greater sheen and natural lustre. Due to its porous nature, it can absorb dyes more comprehensively than normal cotton, meaning Egyptian sheets are more vivid and richer in colour than their poorer cousins.

A better night’s sleep

Whether you’re in the comfort of your own home, in a hotel abroad or serviced apartments in Birmingham or another big city, the chances are that you will sleep better under the cover of Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is 100 percent porous, meaning that it naturally absorbs moisture, making these cotton sheets much more comfortable to sleep on. According to the NHS, creating a comfortable sleeping environment can significantly help towards a relaxing night’s sleep.

All in a lifetime

Egyptian cotton, with its long staples and single-ply threads, gives it remarkable durability. Sheets can last for decades and feel softer each year, keeping their rich and vibrant hues for years.

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Sheets made with Egyptian cotton have a thicker feel. It’s that simple!

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