What is Archives Management System

When an organization has multiple departments, it generates a lot of data that needs to be archived to be referred or used at a later stage. To efficiently manage all the information, you need to store and organize it correctly using a system.  In this article, we will discuss the Archival Management System, which is a tool that is capable of performing various functions. The tool is capable of supporting the digitization workflow, which is specifically essential for projects in a large organization with different departments.


Various functions of Archives Management System:

  • It is useful in normalizing or refining the collection of inventories. It uses tools such as Open Refine and MINT for record-level editing.
  • It helps in selection and prioritization of items for the digitization workflow
  • Scheduling alerts in order to inform users about the time to start packing materials for shipping to vendors. It also alerts when the shipping dates draw near or when a vendor has completed the order and so on.
  • It also allows users to perform record level search which includes tools such as an audio or video player for the digitized item.
  • Keeping track of the project’s progress and other minute details associated with the project. It might include the number and nature of items, shipping locations, departments, the percentage of the project completed.Now that most organizations are turning digitalized, it is important to look for an archives management system that can be easily managed using the mobile. It gives users the benefit of being able to access the details from anywhere in the world. The mobile friendly archives collections management system (ACM) has the following features:

  • It can help in processing the buildup of accessions much faster
  • It can adhere to the professional standards in regards to public access of the software
  • The system includes different types of digital asset (DAM)
  • It helps in monitoring the progress of the project on request from the users
  • It can be used to recover data from storage and keep track of the same

Eloquent Archives is an amazing example of archives collections management software. You can run the software on your server. Alternatively, you may also run it on the Eloquent Cloud. In both the ways, the users will be able to access the system and its data from anywhere using their mobile phone.

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