What is a VPN connection?

A VPN (short for Virtual Private Network) is a closed logical network in which the subscribers are spatially separated from one another via an IP tunnel.

How this works is explained here.

VPN connection simply explained

  • With a “virtual private network“, VPN for short, you can access your private or local network while on the move. This can be very useful both privately and professionally.
    This requires VPN software that both communicates with the router on the network and is installed on the computer that you want to use to access the network.
  • A small application example: You are on a business trip and want to access the company network to retrieve a presentation there. You connect to the Internet and then use the software to dial into the VPN network. Now you can work as if you were in the office, even though you are hundreds of miles away.
  • Advantages: Via a VPN connection, you can use all services that can only be used in your private or professional network. Especially in companies, there are often programs that may only be used on the intranet. You can then access them from outside. You also have access to all locally stored files. These do not have to be synchronized after your return.

What is VPN connection: This is privacy

Safety sounds good, right? What about privacy? Since we have good news, because:

A VPN also stands for a better-protected privacy.

In practice, this looks like this: The VPN replaces your IP address with the IP address of the server to which you are connected.

And you can connect to any server of your VPN provider. For this purpose, different IP addresses can be obtained. For example, it may be that you live in Berlin and pretend to be in New York using the VPN.

What is a VPN connection – in short: If you use a VPN, no one can access your data without permission and use or misuse it. In addition, nobody knows which websites you are visiting.

What is VPN: The Provider

More and more people use a personal VPN – also because more and more activities on the Internet are possible, such as buying, selling, dating, etc.

Therefore, there are also many different VPN providers, and also popular VPN Provider offers VPN free trial, which you have the choice.

Some companies offer free VPNs. Most, however, you have to subscribe. In addition, all networks are designed differently.

Each network has specific characteristics, such as speed, number of parallel connections, firewall, cost, or server locations.

BE CAREFUL WITH FREE VPNs. Nothing is really free in our world. Some companies use unfair business practices.

For example, they may collect your information or monitor your online activity and use or misuse it for commercial or worse. In addition, you may sell your bandwidth or use it as a botnet.

A free VPN connection can cause you many problems. So be aware: a free VPN is at your own risk.

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