Top Gifting Items for 1-Year Olds

Here are a few options for gifts that you can gift your niece on her first birthday –

Soft Toys
Babies love soft toys because there cozy to sleep with, super soft to touch and are excellent to cuddle with as well.

You can shop for soft toys from any baby store or from any e-gifting store that allows you to send gifts to Jaipur, Mumbai or anywhere across India for affordable shipping charges.

Be sure to not buy faux fur toys because babies love to nibble on their toys and the faux fur can cause complications in the respiratory tract of the baby. Faux fur can also cause a lot of allergies in babies.

Musical baby walker
Why buy an old school baby walker when you can purchase a super colorful, premium quality musical baby walker for you niece! The comfy cushion chair will ensure she sits comfortably in case she doesn’t want to walk.

Be sure to buy a foldable baby walker that you sister can store it easily around the house as well as carry it around during their family travels.

If you live far away from your sister, you can purchase this online from any ecommerce website or gifting website that send gifts to Jaipur and basically all over India for affordable shipping rates.

Pretty clothes
This is one of the most common gifts for babies, but it is definitely one that never gets old! A growing baby needs a lot of clothes because they grow super fast till the age of 3.

Ensure that the clothes you purchase for your niece are one size bigger so that she can grow into them and continue wearing them even a year or two later! You can also go that extra level and personalize her clothes with her name or her initials!

Shape sorter game
Growing babies need fun activities which will make their growing mind sharper and more attentive.

You can gift your niece a shape sorter toy which is a super fun trial and error game that babies absolutely love! You can get a wooden one or a plastic one; both of these are excellent.

You can get these online at ecommerce websites on at any local baby store.

Musical instruments
Babies love sounds and weird and funny noises which is why musical instruments are an excellent gift choice for your niece!

There are special music instruments made for kids such as mini drums, tambourine and other such instruments which require her to play with the instruments to make the noise!

Bath toys
Bath time is that special moment between a mom and the baby where she spends that alone time with her baby cleaning the baby up and playing with the baby in the bath! Bath toys are an excellent addition to the bath time which your niece will love!

Get her cute ducklings, unicorns, mermaids, sailing boats and other such floating bath toys which will keep her occupied during the bath time.

Your sister will it too!

If you don’t want all these options, send Jaipur sweets online to loved ones.

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