The Proven and Incredible Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is undoubtedly one of the most valuable spices across the world. The bark-cum spice is highly delicious and comes loaded with multiple health benefits. Due to its medicinal properties, cinnamon has been used for many years to treat different diseases and modern science has also put a rubber stamp on these facts thus proving why the prized spice has ranked highly in the family of spices. Below are some of the well-known benefits of cinnamon: –

Effective tool for type 2 diabetes management

Although there is no known treatment for type 2 diabetes, research has shown that cinnamon can be an effective tool for its management. The spice can help in two different ways according to certified nutritionist consultants and one of them is that it helps reduce blood pressure which is an element in diabetes deterioration. The spice also affects blood markers in a positive way in people with type 2 diabetes. Researchers also have found out that cinnamon can be helpful in reduction of insulin resistance which in return lowers the levels of fasting blood sugar in the body. This can help reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Helps in weight loss

First, before we discuss how cinnamon can aid in weight loss, it will be good to note that there is no magic bullet when it comes to this world-old problem. One of the ways cinnamon can help in weight loss is that it imitates insulin activity in the body thus helping the body to regulate blood sugar (glucose) levels in the system. Increased levels of blood sugar contribute to the accumulation of excess fat which is stored in the body thus making it hard to lose weight. Cinnamon is also capable of altering metabolism in the body thus making it easy for it to use carbohydrate storage thus preventing it from becoming excess fat. By taking cinnamon, your body requires more energy to metabolize thus burning more calories which in return help in weight loss.

Cinnamon for skin protection

Cinnamon has antimicrobial and antibiotic properties which are essential for protecting your skin from allergic reactions, rashes, irritations and infections. Not only is cinnamon beneficial when taken orally but also when applied to the skin in form of cinnamon essential oil. Done directly, it helps reduce inflammation, redness, pain and swelling. Cinnamon can also be combined with honey to make an effective antimicrobial ingredient which you can use to boost your skin health. As such, it will be a great product to use when dealing with rosacea, acne and other symptoms of skin allergies.

Fights against heart diseases

According to different studies, taking cinnamon regularly will help reduce various risk factors associated with heart disease. These include problems such as high triglyceride levels, cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Cinnamon has some special compounds with can help diminish the overall levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol while keeping the HDL ‘good’ cholesterol at a stable level. Research has also shown that cinnamon is good for reducing high blood pressure which contributes to severe cases of heart diseases and even stroke.

There are also many other heart health benefits associated with cinnamon with research showing that the spice is a useful coagulant. It helps the body in the formation of blood clots thus preventing against cases of excessive bleeding. Cinnamon is also effective in enhancing blood circulation in the body. It also helps your body tissues such as heart tissue to repair themselves after any damages.

Cinnamon also has great anti-inflammatory properties meaning that once consumed, it will help reduce both specific and systemic inflammations. Systemic inflammation is known to contribute greatly to the increase of chronic diseases and by adding cinnamon to your regular diet, you can arrest these inflammations significantly.

Consuming cinnamon regularly will also help deal with specific inflammation such as headaches and different pains such as arthritis pain. Since it enhanced blood circulation, cinnamon is able to ease the pain as it stimulates and pushes the circulation of blood to the joints.


When buying cinnamon, it is always important to figure out which type is best and guaranteed to offer you these great benefits outlined above. First, cinnamons are different and not every cinnamon you find in the market will guarantee you the amazing benefits that we are talking about. Most of the cinnamon found in the market is actually not the original cinnamon that will guarantee you the important benefits you might be looking for. Mostly, you’ll find Chinese cinnamon or Cinnamomum cassia and this has a color and flavor that is very similar to health benefits as Cinnamomum Verum which is actually the best. The latter is actually expensive but provides great health benefits that you won’t get from Cinnamomum cassia.

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