The Numerous Types of Photography- Capturing Canvases With Lenses

Photography is a form of art that it no longer stipulated to only a particular category of people, the majority of the masses have become highly inclined towards photography.  The fact, however, prevails, that not all have the hand and eye of a photographer. Just being able to click shots from a camera do not qualify you as a photographer, there are several elements and basics of photography which Michael Haddad has knowledge of, that need to be kept in mind while capturing a photograph.

Michael Haddad is a curator of photography and is a huge art enthusiast. Photography involves many different types of techniques and skills, which when employed make each photograph one of its kind. As many are the number of techniques so diverse are the categories of this form of art.

  • Landscape Photography – the beautiful scenery and landscapes are captured in the frame of a photograph in this type of photography.
  • Wildlife Photography – the animals and their natural habits, as well as habitat, can become the subject of your photography and this is what makes this kind of photography so special. Journals and exhibitions mostly use these photographs.
  • Aerial photography – photographs clicked with the help of helicopters, airplanes, air balloons, skyscrapers and parachutes fall under this category. This is a completely different perspective of the photographer.
  • Sports or Action Photography – the decisive moments of an event are captured in this genre of photography. It is considered to be one of the most difficult types of photography as it involves the use of various equipment.
  • Portrait Photography – this is one of the oldest types of photography which could be shooting family or single photographs, or even the photographs of your friends as well as the pets of your family.
  • Architectural Photography – the inanimate objects of your surroundings such as the houses and buildings could also form the subject of your photograph. This form of photography done by taking shots from various angles is done primarily in order to influence the decision-making process of prospective real estate buyers.
  • Wedding Photography/ Event Photography – this is a very popular form of photography and needs extremely practiced hands for it because it is about capturing some of the most important events of an individual’s life.
  • Fashion Photography – the fashion industry is largely dependent on this type of photography for its successful running. It is not just the models who are photographed here but also all the items related to fashion such as shoes, bags, accessories.
  • Macro Photography – a type of photography in which the photographs are taken from the very close proximity of the object, such as an insect, a flower, textures of interwoven fabrics, etc.
  • Abstract Photograph – just like abstract painting, photography to has an abstract category that focuses on pattern, shape, color, texture, and form.
  • Black and White Photography – the natural beauty of subjects is best brought out in this type of photography.

There are much more types of photography and this is what perhaps reveals the wide scope of photography – an expression of the photographer’ perspective of this world.

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