The Impact of Hr Tools on Today’s Companies

HR department personnel are what you can imagine as the bubbly people of the corporate world, with a happy – go – lucky attitude.

They are smart people with great communication skills. Open for conversation, and with and an inviting face.

They represent the business, so they need to be confident and know how to, listen, and assist in conflict resolution.

In today’s world, it helps a lot if they have technical skills to use the new software and tools available which help their analytical minds do the work. They certainly sound like great people, and this is what they do to help.

What does HR department do?

They are in charge of recruiting, and training of both the general employees and the management.

Even though they may be on the same level, below, or above some of the people they work with daily, they need to show confidence and the superiority of the skills so they too may benefit from training such as Executive Coaching in Sydney.

They also make sure that the protocols are in place, so everything runs smoothly, and that each employee is happy.

An integrated system

Centralized HR tools such as BambooHR encompass a variety of services and integrate other, more specialized HR software.

It is like a toolbox which comes with a set of basic tools and allows you enough space to add everything else you may need.

This way the process is streamlined, very well organized, and it can help avoid making costly mistakes due to the lack of focus.

Also, it is less time consuming as there is no need for going back and forth between different tools. This is a simple way to ensure that all data are regularly updated and consistent.


Recruiting is an essential part of talent management which also includes training and learning, employee engagement, and performance management.

Recruiting tools allow simple profiling of a person best suited to fill in a certain position within a company.

Also, it offers a template for making job ads which are later automatically posted to locations including your website, social networks, and other platforms you select. LinkedIn Talent is one of such software.

Each candidate search should contain about 1% to 10% of top talent and, according to its reviews; this platform does not fail to provide that.

Performance management

Varying on the size of a company, tracking employee performance is a difficult task. It is highly important for overall productivity of a company. According to IBM and MIT survey from 2016, using HR software increases sales per employee by 58%.

Having an understanding of each employee’s performance, as well as a track of different teams, you will be able to locate the weakest and the strongest links.

The strongest links should be next in line for a promotion and are generally good resources for finding the right method for handling certain processes. On the other hand, the weakest links as well as those whose performance has dropped, need well – targeted.

One of such tools is 15Five which will help make sure no one is forgotten

Task management

Tools such as Task Pigeon enable managers to delegate tasks and keep track of everything which has been done. In addition, even more importantly, the employees have a platform which helps them clearly organize their tasks.

Not only that they can have everything regarding a task in one place, but they can also communicate to others involved in it.

The certain software even offers them an insight into their productivity regarding task and project completion.

Employee engagement

Satisfied and motivated employees are probably some of every company’s most valuable assets.

HR departments exist to satisfy the workforce requirements of a company and on the other hand to ensure employee satisfaction, thus keeping the company’s mission consistent.

HR software among other things allows a way of generating employee feedback through surveys and producing reports based on the surveys. This can not only improve the way a company treats its employees, but also the way certain process function.

Qualtrics Employee Insights offer such services and they can help you improve your business through the opinions and suggestions from team members. According to Aberdeen those who have a system for managing employee engagement, have 26% higher avenue per annum than those who don’t.

Employee Benefits

Working conditions and the benefits package matters to employees more or at least as much as the paycheck itself. Negotiating the benefits can be a lengthy process.

It has been made shorter and simpler with Benefitfocus, Zenefits and other similar software. They enable employees to see exactly the quality of care they are being provided, as well as to choose the benefit packages, even the components of the packages.

This is crucial as otherwise, you may lose talent to other businesses which may offer them more suitable packages.


HR software also allows tracking the financial aspect of workforce management. You can do and calculate payroll with automated deposits into employees’ bank accounts.

It can also help you calculate taxes. Furthermore, they can be used for keeping track of holiday calendars and hours logged for each employee.

In this section, we could focus on tools such as ADP Workforce Now, which among other functionalities, offers those stated above.


Safety of your company’s and employees’ important and private data should be one of the priorities. You can achieve it through software in lines of Justworks.

Administrators can set permissions allowing access to only selected few for each of the parts of the database. Only those who need access to sensitive documentation in order to do their job will be allowed to use it.

All businesses care about performing at a high-quality level while keeping their costs at a minimum.

This article brings up only several of the vast number of HR tools available. Most of them assist in more than one field.

HR Tools can save you on hiring extra people for your HR department and better utilization of those working in it. This is a great time and money saver.

On top of it, with everything in place, no resources will be wasted, and better employee engagement will be achieved. This results in higher profits and better ROI for the investment in HR tools.

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