Temporary Work Skilled Visa Subclass 457 Australia

Looking for temporary work visa Australia?

If you want to work in Australia but have a lot of queries regarding visa; this article will prove to be really helpful for you. This article contains information about visa subclass 457, application process, eligibility criteria etc.

Visa 457

Before talking about hiring under visa 457, it should be made clear that what actually this visa scheme is about. Visa subclass 457 is sponsorship scheme for those employers who wish to hire skilled applicants from all around the world which clearly mentions the approval of labor market. This is temporary work visa Australia, which allows applicants to work in Australia for four business/work years. Applicants will have to renew their visa to stay for the job or they are supposed to leave the country.

This visa is really helpful if you wish to work in Australia on the temporary basis but do note that this visa won’t help you in getting citizenship of Australia.

Eligibility criteria

To work at any post in any company, you need to fulfill some basic criteria such as:

  • You should be recruited for any position which comes under the scope of Skilled Occupation List of Australia
  • You should possess the required skills for the job, you are nominated for.
  • You should fulfill the registration and licensing terms and document work.
  • You should have the health insurance that covers the time period of your stay in Australia
  • You must possess your health and character certificate (which must state you eligible to work in Australia/ any other country).
  • You should have the ability of function English/ passport of Canada, the Republic of Ireland, United stated of America, United Kingdom or New Zealand.
  • In case you exempt from the function English skills you should be nominated by any known company of Australia to maintain your credibility or you should have completed your higher education from English.

Advantages of visa

  • The main advantage of visa 457 is that you can work for four years in Australia.
  • You can ask your family members to come and study/ work in Australia on your goodwill.
  • The best part is you can explore Australia and have fun along with working and earning.

How much can all this cost you?

Temporary skilled work visa can cost you up to 1035$ but that’s only the base application cost. The additional application charge for the people above 18 can cost up to 1035$ and for the person below 18 it can cost you around 260$.Along with application charges, you will need to pay visas avenue charges such as medical examination, policy check and certificate of documents.

If you fulfill the above criteria you can easily get temporary work skilled visa subclass 457 Australia and work for four years. The visa is usually provided by the companies who wish to recruit employees from overseas. Hope this article will prove to be beneficial for you, for more queries you can use the internet.

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