Some Interesting Information about Chocolate

‘Chocolate’ – the single term is enough to create a mouth-watering feeling. From kids to old people Chocolate is an all-time popular food delight. An array of preparations can be possible using Chocolate as the main ingredient. Chocolate is a familiar ingredient for many desserts. It ranges from sweet, smooth white chocolate to the dark bittersweet chocolate any different variations in between.

Some Information on Chocolate

Chocolate is a result of the long refining process that starts with the well-known fruit cacao beans belonged to the tropical tree named Theobroma cacao. Then these beans are fermented and dried. In the last phase, they are roasted and ground. The prepared products have cocoa butter, a solid, smooth fat (used in food as well as cosmetics), and chocolate liquor or the ground roasted cocoa beans. Basically, the types of Chocolate determined by the amounts of cocoa butter and chocolate liquor that the chocolate has. The Sugar amount along with other ingredients also makes the difference.

Chocolate Varieties-

  • Cocoa Powder: It is an unsweetened powder that provides an intense taste of chocolate. The natural cocoa powder appears in light brown color along with a pronounced and strong chocolate flavor. It is a little bit of acidic. Alkalized cocoa powder usually has a darker color, it is less acidic, and it is associated with a milder chocolate taste.
  • Unsweetened Chocolate: It is also known as “baking” or “bitter” chocolate. It is one kind of pure Chocolate liquor, which is composed of ground cocoa beans. It smells and looks like Chocolate; however, it features a bitter taste. It is heavily used in cooking. Unsweetened chocolate gives a rich, deep Chocolateflavorr to the baked goods. It works as a base ingredient for all the form of Chocolate apart from the White Chocolate.
  • Dark Chocolate: This type of Chocolate contains Chocolate Liquor, Sugar, Vanilla, Cocoa Butter along with Lecithin. Dark Chocolate has no connection with the Milk Solids. Bittersweet Chocolate along with Semi-Sweet Chocolate falls into this category.
  • Milk Chocolate: Along with the Cocoa Butter and Chocolate Liquor, the Milk Chocolate is combined with Condensed Milk or Dry Milk Solids. This type of Chocolate is sweeter than the Dark Chocolate and featured with a comparatively lighter color. Milk Chocolate is difficult to temper appropriately and it has a tendency of overheating.
  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate: Semi-sweet chocolate is said to be darker compared to the Sweet Dark Chocolate; however, it is sweeter than Bittersweet Chocolate.
  • White Chocolate: This term is related to the amount of Cocoa Butter it contains. It does not have Chocolate Liquor or some other Cocoa products.

Some other Chocolate varieties are Sweet dark chocolate, Couverture chocolate, Gianduja chocolate along with “Candy coating” chocolate.

If you want to learn chocolate banana ki vidhi, then you can take help from the internet. Chocolate is able to prepare various delightful recipes that can be served on different occasions. Cakes, desserts, ice creams, brownies, cookies and various other finger-licking dishes can be made with this wonderful ingredient. However, you have to gather some skills before working with Chocolate.

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