Smartphones 2017 – Shaping the Market

The mobile phone industry has faced great evolution. The industry always moving with a great pace. The anticipated things become backdated within some days. The next thing is always waiting. The best upcoming mobiles 2017 will surely wait with lots of surprises. With innovative features and excellence in performance, the mobile phones always amaze the people. With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8, people’s expectation from a mobile phone has again increased. Here are some of the best upcoming mobiles 2017 which have certain potentials to satisfy the customers innovatively:

One Plus 5: The Chinese brand One Plus has already gained a percentage of the market share. Being a comparatively new brand, they have a huge and satisfied customer base. So far the manufacturer has launched 4 smartphone models till date. The latest one was One Plus 3. However, it is rumored that the company is skipping the One Plus 4 while naming their new smartphone. Whatever the name is, the new smartphone is rumored to have 8GB ram with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip inside. This smartphone will surely be the next big performer surpassing its predecessor One Plus 3.

iPhone 8: In 2017, apple will celebrate the Iphone’s 10 year anniversary. In 2007, the company announced their first iPhone which was popularly known as the original iPhone. However, the iPhone 8 is rumored to have apple’s own A11 chipset with an OLED screen. The most amazing of the rumors is the iPhone 8 might come with a 3D camera. If that happens, the smartphone camera experience will change forever. And for the first time, apple might come out of their lighting port to a type c connector to enable quick charging facility.


Google Pixel 2: After the success history of the Google pixel and Google pixel XL, Google is planning to bring the second version of the phone. Google and Motorola have broken up their relationship for a long time now. The pixel was popular for the stock android experience. Pixel offered very fewer customizations with more optimized and performance friendly device with a good camera. There is no certain news from Google’s side on the specifications but Google has confirmed that another version of the pixel is coming out in 2017.

Microsoft Surface Phone: Microsoft has struggled a lot in the mobile phone industry. The android operating system offers open source software which enabled the smartphone manufacturers to develop a customized user interface to brand their company. However, Microsoft is expecting to bring the bang with their new surface phone. According to Microsoft, it will be the ultimate smartphone from the brand. And they will brand the phone with the name “Surface”

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2: Xiaomi launched Mi Mix exclusively in china, the bezel-less smartphone which created a buzz in the tech industry. The phone offered standard features with a large 6.4-inch screen without increasing the handset size. The body to screen ratio was around 90 percent. However, Xiaomi has confirmed that there will be a new version of mi mix in 2017. It is expected to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset and expected to launch in the third quarter of the year.

Upcoming mobiles 2017 will certainly change the shape of the market. It will be interesting to see which one gets acceptability in the market.

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