Revealed! The List of Top Kodaikanal Hotels

India is a diverse country indeed – be it regarding cultures, religions and so on and so forth, and last but not the least, regarding the geographical locations and terrains. From the Himalayas in the North to the Deccan trap and the Nilgiris in the South, and from the Thar Desert in the West to the Deltas and hills and forests in the East, India is full of surprises no matter in what direction you go. One such vivid place in the Southern part of India that’s full of life and teeming with the fruits of nature is Kodaikanal. So with the reasonable Kodaikanal hotel price rates now, book your dates for the next perfect vacation to Kodaikanal. Here is a list of the top Kodaikanal hotels to choose from.

Hotel Stony Croft: Located in a very quiet and serene place, the hotel is excellent for quick short stays. The views of the hills from the hotel rooms are magnificent. However, the hotel is quite close to the main city itself and a five-minute walk from the lake and roughly ten minutes from Coakers Walk. The hotel is clean, and the services are top notch.

Germanus Springs: This hotel is quite good and is consequently rate five stars by most customers staying here. The service is good; rooms are beautiful and provide amazing views of the scenery. The staff is very hospitable, and the food in the restaurant was quite brilliant. The campfire arrangements too are awesome.

The Carlton: One of the most luxurious five-star hotels in Kodaikanal, the hotel is located at a marvelous spot – with the lakefront on one side and the valleys on the other. Calm and placid waters and the lush green valley’s greet your eyes and full you with peace, even before you have checked in into your plush rooms with luxurious decor. The service is good, and the staff is quite cooperative.

Hotel Jai: All people who have stayed in this hotel have a rate of five stars paying to its large and neat rooms with stylish decor, good service, and wonderful food in the restaurant, speedy and throughout availability of basic amenities like hot water, fast Wi-Fi network and so on. The garden surrounding the hotel is quite good and pretty, and perfect for walks. It’s overall an excellent ambiance for a stay.

Lilly’s Valley Resort: The hotel is an amazing five star one, and the location is fabulous – near the main city as well as near the most famous attraction of Kodaikanal too – the lake with its calm blue waters and the lush green valleys beyond. The ambiance of the hotel is stuck that it makes you feel at home. Friendly and cooperative staff, delicious food at the restaurant, and amazing services are the least that can be said.

The Fern Creek: This five-star hotel has taken the term luxury to a whole new level. The rooms are not like the conventional hotel rooms you would expect. Instead, they are plush decorated rooms inside huge tents, essentially a high-end glamping property. Each tent contains exotic fireplaces and state of the art services. The staff is amazing, and so is the food at the restaurant. This is a top draw for a stay at innovative hotels in Kodaikanal.

This hill station is a charming as well as the very relaxing place to visit all throughout the year as it boasts of a cool climate overall and breathtaking scenery. So book your perfect hotel after you have gone through the list of top hotels above with reasonable Kodaikanal hotel price rates and enjoy your perfect vacation to the fullest.

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