Pros and Cons of Split and Window Ac’s

In the place, when the sun is standing right at the top of your head, only a cool air blasting on your face can help you survive the summer heat. The space at your place decides the future of type of AC you should buy. But if given a choice between the Two, let’s decide which will turn out to be the better choice? AC Price in India starts from the initial range of approximately Rs. 14,000 for window AC’s and Rs 24,000 for Split AC.

Window AC is the best choice for the small room, as they are wall mounted taking a smaller internal space of the room and a larger window space. They only have the single unit with one face inside and one outside of the window whereas Split AC are wall mounted and can be considered best for large rooms. ACS consists of compressor and condenser placed outdoor and an evaporator attached on an indoor unit that helps in providing instant cooling.

Space – AC Price in India is already ranged enough that you wouldn’t want to invest more in construction. In order to set up a Window AC, the key requirement that you need to fulfill is of a window. Considering the fact that you have a window space to attach the Window AC, they can be a good choice as they are economical and have a low maintenance cost. But going out of your way to get construction involved would not be wise, thus making Split AC the best choice for you.

Design – The design aspect of both the devices are equally appreciable. Both window and split AC look good when installed, both of them are heavy devices and will require you to take professional help or the process of installation. They both serve to provide cooling in all parts of the room. AC Price in India, are usually divided according to the technology involved in the product, both the types are equally popular among people.

Capacity – When we talk about the capacity, both types of air conditioners, offer to provide a similar performance. While choosing the right AC one should consider the size of the room, a number of people in the room and the amount of light in the room as these factors affects the cooling in the room. AC Price in India ranges between the size and variation of the AC. For example the perfect Split AC for a 200 so. ft. the room should be of 1 ton, window AC of up to 1 ton will also serve to provide the same cooling.

Power Consumption – Higher star rating contributes to an effective and efficient AC, in both the cases. The difference between these stars ranges around 10% with each star. A 5 star AC consumes the least energy, and a 1 star AC consumes the most. Your requirement or your usage of the AC should be considered while purchasing the product. AC Price in India, with higher stars, will cost you more, but will also help you save, through your electricity bills, in the long run. Window ACs can run on a lower voltage and consumes less energy than a Split AC.

Noise – Noise is also an important factor when you consider buying an air conditioner. With higher AC Price in India, Split AC seems to get a full rating in this criterion, as they don’t contribute to any noise during its cooling process making it the perfect choice for home décor and office use. However, the case is not so similar with Window AC, as they are known for making some noise, due to their functioning against the window sill, which tends to create frequencies that contribute to the noise.

Verdict – Both Split and Window AC are equally good and efficient, it is necessary to know the difference between the two, in order to realize what can fit our desire, and taste. Split ACs, are definitely more stylish and noise free making them more presentable. AC Price in India of Split AC is also higher than Window AC’s and also requires more attention and regular maintenance. If you are just looking to beat the heat, then go for Window AC but if you are looking for pleasing design then go for Split AC.

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