Ni Butcher Creates New Black Pudding

A butcher in Derry, Northern Ireland has created a new black pudding, which us a type of blood sausage, using only locally-sourced produce.

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Years in the making

Ciaran Breslin, with the help of local chef Brian McDermott, has been developing the artisan pudding for two years and it is finally ready to bring to market.

Going forward, he hopes to develop a whole range of products, with his next project likely to be a new take on the traditional white pudding. This is similar to black pudding but does not contain blood.

Fat v sugar

Due to our growing realisation that sugar is the real reason behind the UK’s obesity problem and not saturated fats, foods such as black puddings are now considered by some to be ‘superfoods’ and are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. This trend is mirrored in Scotland by the huge increase in haggis sales over the last few years.

In addition, there is a growing and sustained trend in the UK for local products without additives that can be traced back to their original source. Combine these two factors and blood puddings seem to be the perfect food product for our time. This is certainly what the ambitious Breslin will be hoping for as he expands his range of artisan puddings.

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Local ingredients

Breslin’s new black pudding combines local barley, pig’s blood and pork with a unique combination of herbs and spice, including sage. He was inspired to create the pudding after seeing McDermott using black pudding in a cookery demonstration. McDermott runs a center for food and drinks innovation called Good ovation as part of Derry’s North West Regional College of Education.

Together they developed the product, concentrating particularly on perfecting the balance of the herbs and spices to bring out the flavor of the top-quality local meat products they are using.

Eventually, they hope that the Tirkeeran Pudding – named after the 1000-year-old baronial lands that surround Derry – and the other products they develop will be on sale in refrigerated display counters all over Northern Ireland and beyond.

Breslin runs an artisan butchers shop in Derry that uses the traditional serve over counters available from suppliers such as

The Tirkeeran Pudding weighs in at 220g and is on sale for just £2.99.

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