Making Your Baby Photoshoot Easier

The moment you hold your newborn for the first time, with your own hands, is a moment that is just out of this world. Nothing is more exciting than holding a creature made in your own image. The look on his or her face is something to be cherished for a lifetime. So understandably, parents are always camera ready to capture these precious moments.

Over the last couple of years, the concepts of maternity photography and newborn baby photography are growing rapidly in India. However, for many parents, the idea and execution of getting their new-born baby photographed is still overwhelming, especially when they’ve never done it before. This is not only because babies are too fragile to be moved or touched, but also because these small precious little things can be bit uncooperative. It is often found that a new-born baby is mostly sleeping rather than smiling. They, undoubtedly, don’t yet have the ability to pose. Therefore, it is the job of the photographer to get the best out of what the baby gives. By using the following tips, you can make this challenging task into an easy one:

Time of the Shoot

Usually, the first ten days are the best days to shoot. This is because babies are mostly sleeping during these days and it is easier for the photographer to change their positions. It is better for one of the theparents to hold or handle the baby during this period, as they may cry a lot if they see too many unknown faces near them.


It is always recommended to go for your new born baby’s photoshoot in your own home. The home environment is very comfortable for them. Also for parents, it is not easy to carry everything that keeps their baby calm and quiet all the way to a studio. However, some photographers may not be ready for this suggestion. So in case you are ready to shoot in a studio, there are plenty of new-born baby photography Mumbai studios

The Baby’s Look

Some parents like to get their babies photographed in their diapers or underwear, while some like to get their babies photographed in clothes. Nowadays, you can find a tremendous amount of designs and patterns for newborn baby looks and outfits, which make them look absolutely adorable. You may choose the look of your baby according to the climate. For instance, summers are hot in India; therefore, clicking photographs in nappies can keep the baby calm.


New born babies have a tendency to cry a lot. But once they are in the arms of their parents, they are usually pacified. However, if you still feel that your baby is getting cranky, try to use props, like rattles or other playful props, to keep them distracted.

If your baby is most comfortable being with you, then make the best use of this.

These are some tips that can be used to get beautiful pictures of your baby. Mothers can also try maternity shoot, as this would tell a great story from the time the baby is conceived to the time the baby is born. You can try studios for maternity photography in Mumbai to showcase this journey.

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