Importance In Daily Life And Its Variety of Materials

Since the immemorial time, jewelry has a great role in the human culture. Jewelry plays a pretty good role to the human beings for beauty and nobility. Basically, jewelry has two principal categories. They are-

  1. Contemporary Jewelry (such as “Regular Ornaments”)
  2. Traditional Jewelry (such as “Steampunk Necklace”)

Contemporary jewelry are used commonly in our daily life and Traditional jewelry are used commonly on various events. Both of them have importance in human life.

Importance of Jewelry:

Jewelry has been used for the evolution of the human culture. Both men and women use it since the time immemorial. Since the first day of jewelry history to now, jewelry always contains a great importance. The primary purpose of wearing jewelry is to look beautiful. People usually wear jewelry so that they can have a more beautiful looking and better nobility as the jewelry is always considered as the symbol of wealth.

Jewelry is very popular all over the world. And though both men and women wear jewelry, jewelry for women has more value. That’s because men use jewelry rarely, but women use it commonly. Women have been wearing jewelry ornaments from the ancient age to be more attractive and to represent themselves as unique and noble to the society.

Until now, jewelry is keeping its value in our daily life. We can’t think any occasion without wearing jewelry. However, no marriage ceremony can be completed without jewelry. Jewelry is the way to disclose your personality along with your dresses.

We have many types of jewelry of various materials to wear on different occasions. Different metal has different value to our daily life. We also have different types of pieces of jewelry such as ancient jewelry, traditional jewelry, historical jewelry, personalized jewelry, regular jewelry, wedding jewelry, antique jewelry etc.

Varieties of Jewelry in Daily Life:

There are a lot of jewelry types for human use in daily life. Since the time immemorial, jewelry is considered as the display of one’s wealth and nobility. We have many available jewelry forms around us. Such as-


Titanium is the strongest metal we ever knew that is used to make jewelry. They are almost 3 times stronger than silver and stronger than gold or platinum. Titanium is hard but lightweight, so it is perfect to make jewelry. Additionally, it’s too easy to color. On the other hand, titanium is hypoallergenic completely, even the most than the others. Titanium is a rich metal for jewelry and it represents your nobility. Titanium jewelry is great for occasions.


Platinum is the most expensive metal which is used in jewelry. Platinum is very durable and it melts at almost 3216 degrees Fahrenheit. Probably, for this incredible ability to survive high temperature, it is used for wedding rings and high-end jewelry pieces. Platinum is a great metal to represent one’s wealth and uniqueness. Platinum jewelry has a great value for occasional events.


Gold is the most common material of jewelry. Most of the people think that jewelry is only made of gold. For this though, there is a reason. Almost more than 80 percents of total jewelry are made of gold. Though gold is yellow, we have more other gold colors such as white gold, green gold and rose gold in the 21st century. Basically, they are the mixture of pure gold and metals.

Gold jewelry also introduces you as a wealthy person to the people. In our daily life, we used to use many ornaments made with gold. Gold jewelry is suitable for both occasional and daily use.


Silver is another material for jewelry making but it’s cheap. Many people use silver jewelry in daily life. They are cheap and simple. Basically, silver jewelry has 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper to make the metal more durable. Silver jewelry are perfect for daily use, but not good for events.


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