How to Use Instagram as a Potent Tool for Brand Communication? Tips and Suggestions!

Instagram is growing very popular in the USA today, however, there are still many people that do not understand how it works. In fact, if you ask the people that use Instagram they will tell you that it is a simple platform that allows you to take photographs, use filters and frames and upload them online instantly. The whole process is quick, and several businesses are using Instagram for their marketing needs and getting immense profits from it. They say that Instagram helps them to communicate better and this is why they find it more convenient on Facebook and Twitter. This photo sharing mobile application has been able to give them the returns they seek, and this is why they say that if you are not using Instagram as a marketing tool for your business, you are sure missing out on a large chunk of profits!

Instagram is a simple social platform for you to use

Instagram is not as complex as you might think. So, the first step for you is to sign up and explore the platform. It can be used for personal and business interests. If you are the owner of any business that deals with products, Instagram is the perfect platform for social media marketing of your brand along with Facebook and Twitter

In case, you promote services; you can promote the photographs of people that have shared their experiences with you. This mobile application works on every smartphone, and you can download it to start using it right away. You may take pictures and post them untouched or with filters. These photos are later posted in a public feed. Like all social media platforms, the users start to follow you, and if they like your photos, they will leave comments. You may access the Instagram feeds from several websites as well. This photo sharing app is so popular that even small business owners are benefitting from it immensely.

How does Instagram work for a beginner?

Instagram arrived on the Internet scene in 2010, and today it has over 700 million users. This means you can tap into the likes and the interests of these users with your services and products. With the mobile application, you are able to share photographs and encourage real Instagram likes. When you are posting photographs to your profile, ensure that they are relevant to your product niche. You have options where you can turn your photos into stickers, magnets, and postcards as well. This is why Instagram has picked up so well in the recent years and going strong in the online market. There is only one limitation of Instagram, and that is you cannot link a picture to another website. This means you will not get website referrals. What you can do is add the link to the bio section of your profile. You may add the link to your business website or any affiliate marketing link as well. This will promote a call to action by visitors and result in a lead conversion.

Communicate and promote your brand better with Instagram

If you take a close look at Instagram users, they like the users of Twitter tag their photographs with hashtags. Contests play a vital role when it comes to the effective marketing and promotion of your company. This is why many businesses resort to them when they are on Instagram. These contests engage your followers, and this promotes awareness and involvement. You also get the chance to communicate with your network and promote your brand. The creation of a contest is simple on Instagram and can be done instantly. If you wish to promote your company, there is a great idea where you can tag a photo that is themed as per your contest rules. This allows the contest to go viral and, in the process, you pick up new customers as well. The number of entrants tag and share the post. This means your brand visibility increases online fast.

Integrate Instagram with other websites and mobile applications

Instagram can be efficiently integrated into Facebook and other web applications. You have the option to create a tab for Instagram on Facebook to publish pictures on your timeline with a specific hashtag. If you use Hootsuite, you may share your Instagram photographs on Twitter and Facebook. Here, you can promote a contest where your pictures may go viral. If you wish to get the competitive edge in the market, it is crucial for you to think-outside-of -box. This means you can explore Instagram and use innovative ways to promote and market your business.

Transform your business with Instagram and get the competitive edge in the market

Instagram has the potential to transform your business. It builds your brand and is an effective marketing tool for all types and nature of the business. Instagram gives you the opportunity to expand your business and help you gain the competitive edge in the market if you use it in the right way.

How can you optimize Instagram for your business marketing?

Instagram is indeed a unique tool for all businesses however before getting started you must conduct research and know who your market competitors are. Once you get this knowledge the next step would be to create a business strategy to establish your brand and increase awareness with the aid of hashtags. The goals that you embrace should be realistic ones, and they must take your business to the next level. The target here would be to increase targeted traffic and bring in more leads and sales conversion. When it comes to posting and uploading photos, you must deploy a strategy where you post pictures but not too often.

Remember, Instagram is all about the visual representation of your business. Take high-quality photos and use the frames and filters available to enhance your brand and reach out to millions of customers who are looking for you online. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for marketing your business and reaching out to the targeted customer with success!

Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst, and she helps her clients get real Instagram likes for their businesses in every niche. She is very responsible towards her job.

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