How to Select the Best Electric Fireplace?

In those cold and snowy winters, one looks forward to spending some time, in front of a fireplace. In the earlier days, the fireplace used coal or wood, which would create a lot of pollution. One has to know everything exactly what to look for in an electric fireplace. But now, the technology has improved to a great extent. And they are quite different from the conventional fireplaces, as they provide a lot of convenience and flexibility. One will only need to plug these into the wall and it will generate heat and make the place warm.

Types of Electric Fireplaces

There are different kinds of electric fireplaces available. You could check out the compact fireplaces for the bedroom, or go for a smart wall mounted one for the living room and offices. Given below is the description of various types of fireplaces.

Wall-Mounted Fireplace

Even in this type, there are 2 sub-categories. There are models which can be mounted on the walls and there are models that can go into the recesses of the walls. The materials and brackets for mounting these fireplaces on the walls are usually included with the fireplace. Wall-mounted fireplaces are easier for installation. But, some people prefer the models which go into the walls, as they save space and are easily portable.

Corner Fireplace

These are quite common types and can be placed against the wall and will give a look of traditional fireplaces. These can be placed in any corner of your house. These come with collapsible panels, which can sit against ay corner. Some of the corner fireplaces come with a mantel, which can be used for home decoration.

Media Consoles

These look cool and add to the ambience of the rooms. These are quite durable and become the central entertainment centers. These are of high quality and the designs are quite similar to the wall ones. These have a lot of storage space, in which one can keep the media and electronic equipment. It will save you space and will also give you a good place for keeping your television.

Fireplace Inserts

There are some houses, which already have spaces created and allocated for the fireplace. So, the electric fireplace inserts are made in such a way that these can be easily inserted into the spaces, where the traditional fireplaces were present. So, instead of having those pollution-spreading wooden fireplaces, you can get some efficient fireplaces installed in that space. These can be maintained and handled easily and provide a good ambience.

Electric Stoves

These are almost the same as the electric fireplaces, with the styling, which is traditional. These are standalone units and do not produce any kind of ash or soot. One will only need to plug them in and these will start generating the heat. It requires very little maintenance and is available in portable designs. Some of the models can also purify the air and are considered the best electric fireplaces.

Gel Fireplaces

These look quite attractive and have some unique features. They make use of gel, which is alcohol based, and produce soft heat. They do not make use of electricity. These produce real flames, but are non-polluting, as they do not emit smoke or soot. They give about 3 hours of burning. These can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

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