How To Recover From Knee Replacement Surgery in India

The process of recovery from knee replacement in India does pose a unique challenge. It would be more if you do not have the support of your near and dear ones.

In case of most patients the first few weeks after the surgery seems to be the most difficult. As an individual you would be in a lot of pain and care is something that you need to consider.

The general feeling of frustration is bound to be there as they may find it difficult to move around and cannot even undertake anything on their own. The golden rule to follow in terms of recovery would be to remain calm and patient as far as possible.


As part of the recovery phase you need to begin with the basics. For sure this is going to ensure a smooth recovery.

The room where you set up the recovery has to incorporate all the things that you need in the first place. The useful items need to be accessible and at the same time stock up on food as well. At the same time you need to remove items that would cause a fall as well.

For the matter of fact sitting, walking or moving may be difficult for the patient at this point of time.

Here you would need the help of your loved one who will help you to move around with things. It could mean preparation with your personal hygiene

Household chores

You need to be aware that the patient would have to keep away from household chores a few weeks after the surgery.

Anything that requires you to stand, sit or bend for a long period of time should be kept away from your schedule. It does make it difficult for them to move from one room to another as well.

It would be better to consider frozen meals or in the first few weeks you could ask someone to drop meals at your premises. The key is to have a nutritious diet and at the same time ensure plenty of rest once the surgery is over

Follow up with the medical appointments

With a calendar you are in a position to keep a track of the needs of the patients. At the same time you ensure that you are on top of the appointments as well.

The moment you miss an appointment you go on to ensure setbacks and complications at the same time.

Do notice the follow up plans and work out the schedule in a proper manner as well. It is suggested that you keep away from driving for the first month or so after the surgery is over.

At this point of time you would need the service of someone who will drive you over to the hospitals as well.

If during the course of appointments you do face any issues, do not hesitate in reaching out to the medical team. They are going to extend all possible support for your timely recovery.

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