How to Install Wheel Locks to Prevent Theft

You have flashy, attractive alloy wheels.  They look awesome and are expensive. In fact, everyone has been turning heads, staring and feeling envious of what you have.

Some of them might also be thinking of having those great additions to their own truck or automobile.

While others would buy new wheels themselves, others might just consider taking yours off. Don’t let it happen! Learn how to install wheel locks to prevent theft.

How to Install Wheel Locks to Prevent Theft

The right thing to do is to buy wheel locks for your truck or car.  They don’t only help you prevent wheel theft, but they’re also straightforward to use.

Wheel locks can provide you with a simple modification to replace on one of the lug nuts of your wheel with a custom lug nut, which requires a key used to install and remove it later.

The special key comes with the wheel locks, adding protection to your wheels and ensuring no thief can steal them.

However, make sure you’re not losing the supplied key, which you’d need when taking the wheels off next time.

Getting the correct tools and supplies for the job

You don’t just need the key and the four wheel locks included in the set, but also the following tools.

  • Lug wrench in removing one of the installed lug nuts on every wheel
  • A torque wrench for tightening the wheel lock correctly
  • Jack for lifting your vehicle

Quick and Easy Steps

  1. Loosen one of the installed lug nuts using the lug wrench.
  2. Use the jack in lifting your vehicle and ensuring the wheel you’re working on isn’t on the ground. Any type of jack would work.
  3. Once your wheel is off the ground, loosen the lug nut and take it off completely.
  4. Using the lug wrench, mount the unique key before screwing the wheel lock into the correct position. What prevents the wheel lock from being taken off by anyone is its unique lock head that only you can remove with the key.
  5. When done, use the jack to get the wheel back onto the ground.
  6. With the key and the lug wrench, tighten the wheel lock further if needed.
  7. You might also want to use a torque wrench so that you can achieve the right pressure amount to the wheel lock.
  8. Repeat the same steps for the remaining tires of car.

If at any point you meet a problem, make sure to contact a local service to get the job done.

Wheel Locks Types

What are the types of wheel locks to find?  Be sure to select the type to work best for your vehicle.

Clamp wheel lock

It’s a clamp specially designed to prevent wheel theft. Users have to install it on the wheel and rims. Sometimes, they’re called boot, a device preventing anyone from moving or driving the car until it is removed.

This type is ideal to use sporadically when parking your car in an unfamiliar location or in a dangerous area.

Spline drive wheel locks

They work in most aftermarket vehicles because the lug nut is able to fit even smaller holes with its small and thin diameter.

In general, they have a closed-end design, more gripping power and larger seating surface.

Spline drive also has extended strong engagement that makes them the common choice for ease of installation.  If you have a narrow lug design diameter, this type might also be the one for you.

Locking lug nut

While such type looks standard from the exterior,   it offers car owners with peace of mind for the additional security with the interior’s rigged design. It cannot be opened with a standard wrench.

Alloy wheel locks

You can buy these directly to your car’s manufacturer. They are sturdy usually made of a solid alloy material construction.

These wheel locks, however, require a specialty socket that will help you take the lock off later.

Using the right wheel locks and learning how to install them, you’ll have peace of mind for the added security they provide your wheels with especially when parking in dark, unfamiliar or dangerous places.

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