How Certificate In Finance Will Help Your Career In Private Equity?

Getting a job as a private equity professional is no cakewalk not because there are lack of talented people out there but simply because private equity jobs are not advertised in university campuses.

So if you want to forge a career in private equity, it is advisable that you gather necessary skills and qualifications along with some experience either through internships in financial firms or in banks or starting your career in financial firms and then moving on to private equity.

Qualifications And Skills Required For Private Equity Professional

Now that you know that you can enter PE firms, let’s have a look at the required qualifications and skills required for private equity professional.

Following are the skills that you need to acquire to become a private equity professional –

  1. Masters in finance
  2. MBA from top-notch institute
  3. Direct equity investing experience
  4. Language fluency (English and other European language)
  5. Strong analytical and technical skills (including financial modelling)
  6. Soft skills like self-confidence, hunger to invest and entrepreneurial mind-set
  7. Ability to work autonomously and pro-actively and to take on responsibility.

Considering the above-mentioned qualifications and skills required – you must have noticed that you need to have a Master’s degree in Finance along with an MBA from a reputed university/institute.

Like mentioned earlier if you want to become Private Equity Professional and want to gain experience then internships are your best bet.

In fact, as the industry insiders will suggest that if you are serious enough about entering into PE then it is better to keep doing the internships to get relevant experience along with qualifications and skills.

Apart from this, certifications will get you quick entry in Private Equity Industry.

Certification In Finance And Financial Modelling For A Career In Private Equity

While there are certifications in private equity, it will also help if you can get a certification in Finance along with your Master’s in Finance.

Private Equity Certifications from reputed certification body will not only validate your skills and qualifications will also ensure the prospective employer that you are dedicated to your profession and have kept abreast with latest tools and practices of private equity industry.

So this was all about Certifications and how they help in making you stand out and secure both a job and a promotion once in the career.

But do you know that apart from the top two skills required for a career in Private Equity you need another skill and that is Financial Modelling. Let’s find out what is financial modelling.

What Is Financial Modelling

Let’s understand what is financial modelling. Financial modelling is essentially a process through which an organization creates a financial representation of all the aspects or even at times just some of the aspects of the firm.

The model is generally recognized by calculations and recommendations based on that information. The model can be a summarized version for end users as well.

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