Green Alternative: 5 Tips in Buying Environment-Friendly Home Furniture

Furniture is a must-have item in your home. While some homeowners are going crazy in choosing functional and stylish furniture pieces, some just buy without putting home safety, human health, and the environment into consideration.

Many people are now joining the call for choosing a sustainable, environment-friendly lifestyle. And when you discuss green lifestyle, that includes choosing a green alternative for your home furniture. The effects of climate change are getting serious, and we need to take pro-active steps to make our environment better for future generations.

You can find many options for green furniture pieces on the market today. Here are some tips on how to spot environment-friendly furniture pieces to get you started on the road to a green lifestyle.

Bamboo Furniture for Sustainability

Bamboo is not a tree, but a type of grass — and that is a fact. Bamboo is a woody perennial evergreen plant in a grass family called Poaceae. It has various sizes and comes in a variety of colors from maroon stripes to lime green.

So, what makes bamboo as a sustainable source of material for your home furniture? Well, bamboos are fast growing and versatile. It grows in height and produces limbs and leaves for just around 60 days.

In fact, bamboo has gained popularity among interior designers and environment-conscious individuals as a source of material for home furniture. You can use bamboos for floorings, veneers, and you can just build an entire house out of it.

Also, growing bamboos do not need pesticides, which is an excellent way to save the planet and improve human health. You can look for bamboo furniture in sites like Deal Wiki.

Go for Certified Sustainable Wood

If you do not want bamboo for a home furniture material, you can go for woods that are sustainable. Yes, make sure that your wooden furniture pieces come from a sustainable source because trees are a finite natural resource.

Go for certified wooden furniture pieces that use wood harvested from sustainable tree farms and reclaimed woodlands and forests. And how to spot a furniture piece that comes from a sustainable wood? Just look for the Forest Stewardship Council logo.

Forest Stewardship Council is a not-for-profit organization that sets standards for environment-friendly products. The organization’s main advocacy is to promote a green, sustainable environment and lifestyle for a better world.

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