From a lady to a Mother

Female and Pregnancy

Pregnancy ushers a lot of delight in a family as a whole. The first sight of the baby, smile, first cry and different movements surely is the best scene that anyone can ever see in his or her lifetime.

In this way, the females are very lucky to have the capability of giving life to a small being.

And thus mother always have the better attachment to their child. A baby literally churns out of the mother’s body after 9 months of stay inside mother’s womb.

However ,this period in a woman’s life, along with all the joy is also full of pain. And these pain is incomparable with literally any other thing in anyone’s lifetime.

However, this pain actually transforms a lady to be a willing mother. There are several methods to turn bypass these pains however some are very much useful however and some pose a great threat of side effects.


There are numerous pregnancy medicine for pain however improper medicine and improper acquiring of those drugs can cause a lot of side effects. These might affect the condition of the baby badly too.

During pregnancy, the pain mainly occurs during the labor. The labor is that phase of pregnancy when the baby is almost fully grown and is very ready to come out mother’s womb.

This period generally takes place before the delivery time. However, there are different types of labor that happen at different time intervals.

Those can’t be called labor exactly but the effect seems to be same as the labor. False labor pains are very much common during pregnancy.

However, these effects are not at all futile in all the sense. These have some important indications also.

The labor pain occurs due to the effect of contraction because of the presence of a lot of hormones exclusively generated during this time. The feel of contraction occurs in the uterus and it is also felt around the cervix due to the pressure of the fetus.

The abdominal region, back region and the groin areas are affected by this pain. Doctors must be consulted during this time for proper care and medication if required.


Normal medicines for pain such as painkiller should always be used with consultation upon the physician.

However pain medication while pregnant, list contains a lot of chemical drugs of different composition.

Although generally, doctors does not prescribe these medications during this period.

Other Therapies to tackle the pain

There are many other therapies than medication that are suggested by the doctors mostly.

They include water therapy, where is spread over the body mainly in the abdominal region, relaxation, normal breathe in and breathe out to tackle the pain, moving around like simple strolling down can help elevate the mood and eventually will be helpful to tackle the pain also.

And most important thing for every mother is to be happy all the time, and mental happiness can also prove to be helpful to get over these problems.

Proper practices

Many people tend to take medicines on the basis of their own experience. However, this practice is completely wrong.

And especially for a delicate situation like pregnancy, it should be practiced at all.

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