French Press Coffee Maker: – Beginners’ Buying Guide

The art of coffee making is always interesting and fun. However, this is only guaranteed if you have everything right, ranging from coffee beans to the coffee maker. With this in mind, French Press coffee makers come highly rated by many pro coffee lovers and there are some good reasons why this is the case.

One of the many reasons as to why you’ll fall in love with French Press is that they are uncomplicated, easy to use and this does not in any way compromise on the quality of coffee you get when using them.

The coffee maker comes with a pot, a metal plunger consisting of fine mesh filter and is set in some kind of frame. These components are easy to clean and maintain.

When shopping for the right French Press coffee maker, a few points will be worth to note as this is the only way you’ll get what is right for you. Here are some things you should look for during your selection: –

What is your Ideal Capacity?

French Press coffee makers come in different sizes and not all will be ideal for you as far as the capacity is concerned. You will need to look at the different sizes available (there are basically 3/4 different sizes) and see which one caters for your coffee making needs.

When choosing the coffee maker, you will need to pick one that does not allow your coffee to sit for long in the pot since it will only keep brewing and once this happens, the coffee becomes bitter and unpleasant when the water cools down.

If you are brewing coffee for a large group, then opt for the bigger pots but if you want one for personal or family use, then a smaller pot will b ideal.

What’s the Ideal Pot Construction

French Press pots are constructed of different materials and you will need to pick one that best favors your needs. You will need to choose from either plastic, glass or thermo construction but glass pots are the most ideal as they do not retain coffee flavor plus they are easier to clean.

It is however worth noting that each of the pot materials has its own advantages when serving different needs. For example, although plastic can be disadvantageous in retaining flavor, it’s an ideal option if you want a best French Press for in your camping trips.

In addition, thermos pots are good for keeping your coffee warm but could make your coffee bitter. A glass pot will be better to use and then pour your coffee in a thermo flask.

Filter Mesh Fineness

The filter mesh is very important when it comes to French Presses. You should look for one that is fine enough so as to prevent coffee grounds from escaping into your coffee after you’ve pressed.

Look at the filter mesh assembly edges carefully to ensure they are firm and if possible, look for one with spring system as this is able to keep the mesh securely pressed against the pot. The filter mesh can make a whole lot of different between French Presses as far as reliability and quality is concerned.

When buying your coffee maker of choice, you would rather spend a little bit more and get quality than invest in something cheap and miss out.

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