First Dates Recruiting For Next Series

The Channel 4 dating show, First Dates, is coming back to your screens for a second series. Fans of the show can watch more people go on dates to try to forge a new relationship. The series is currently recruiting for potential daters and is specifically targeting men over the age of 30. Read on to find out more about the new series.

First Dates find people to go on dates and hopefully get a great match. New partnerships have been created by the show which sees the partners go on a date to the London restaurant Paternoster Chop House for a delicious meal.

Recruitment for the Show

All ages are welcome to apply for the show and older men are being targeted for the new series which will air on Channel 4 at 10pm on Mondays. People looking to take part in the show can get in touch with the producers by emailing the website.

It takes a certain amount of courage to go on TV to find love! The people who apply to the show will be vetted by the producers to make sure they are there for the right reasons. All the participants need to be serious about finding a partner and their date will be edited and shown on TV to the viewers.

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