Explore the Exciting Side of Bangalore

Bangalore as a city might be a concrete forest, but the spots that surround it are a complete delight for adventure admirers as well nature enthusiasts. There are varieties of destinations around the city that are perfect for day outings as well as weekend escapes.

Make Your Humdrum Routine Exciting

In case you want to bring some change in your day today boring life then you can carry out exciting weekend trips for your adventure thirst. You can relish Trekking near Bangalore with your friends and family members.

What you can do is, just check out different spots near bang lore and carry out a trip during your holidays weekends or otherwise. The beauty of these trips is that they are very handy in their nature. It means you can enjoy them right in a day or two and you need not to take any holidays or long leaves.


How about going to Bheemeshwari this weekend?Yes, Bheemeshwari is covered with spectacular valleys and a number of welcoming rivers and streams lattice the heaving terrain. The nearby forest area includes a huge number of Indian Wildlife Species. Here, while carrying out your trekking, you can easily spot deer too.

At this place, there are a huge number of wildlife trekking treks available for both the beginners and professionals. The treks are divided into three categories easy, medium, and tough which depend on the distance from four kilometers to thirty kilometers. On this trekking trail, one crosses piquant villages, green neighboring hills, wildlife, and different plants used in Ayurveda.


Madhugiri is sixty kilometers from Bangalore and it is best for Hiking, trekking, Fort excavation, Sightseeing, and Photography. This place towers one thousand meter hill and it is the second biggest monolith in Asia. It stands at a height of twelve hundred meters above the sea level. Trekking up Madhugiri is a thrilling experience that is fetched to life by various stories from India’s rich hereditary heritage.

To start your climb of Madhugiri, you shall require beginning from the fort, constructed by none other than the Hyder Ali during his reign. Maybe you might find it quite small and simple trek in the beginning but soon you will find the real toughness of this area. While you are on this trek you will have to pass through a sequence of doors and walls which lead you to the top of the hill.

Here the walls of this fort are around 6 feet tall and have splits and huge holes at strategic intervals. It can easily be assumed that these were formed to house weaponry during the battles. Soldiers would spread themselves through the body of the hill so as to defend the fort from approaching the enemy, by making use of the slits for their rifles and the huge holes for shooting projectiles. Anyhow, the entire Madhugiri trip and trek is going to be filled with so much of adventures and challenges.


Thus, these were a couple of spots but you can explore many other too if you want to carry out an adventurous trip. After all, just because you don’t know about the trekking destinations, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

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