Experience Better Medical Facilities!

There is much advancement that can be explored for your medical treatments. India has opened doors for seven countries for Better medical facilities. There are visas being catered by India that give the citizens of some country the right to visit India and get their medical treatment done in a reputed and recognized hospital. Of course, two attendants can join the pool with the patient.

If you are looking for information like India Somalia visa information, you need to explore the options out there. There are some conditions, eligibility points and things that have to be keeping in mind for getting the visa.

A peep into eligibility

  • For the application of Indian medical visa, the overall visit purpose of the visitor should be medical.
  • Hospitals in India that have been consulted by the patients have to be recognized, reputed and specialized.
  • Talking about the attendants, maximum two of them are allowed to accompany the patient seeking the medical treatment. It is important to know that only blood relatives or attendants can company the patient.
  • The medical visa is granted for neurology treatments, cardiology treatments, orthopedic treatment, congenital deformity /ailment, organ transplantations, heart issues, bone issues and others that are included in its non-comprehensive list.

Documents Required

  • Print of fully filled online application form.
  • Original passport having six months validity.
  • The copy of ticket (both sides).
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Card.
  • Visa invitation letter from concerned hospital or medical institute in India.
  • Medical report from local doctor or medical expert in Somalia
  • A letter of no objection from concerned Embassy of Somalia (Ethiopia -Kenya) the place from where the patient is applying for the medical visa.
  • The copy of bank statement as an evidence of funds.
  • Letter of police verification from local police.

You must know that the No Objection Letter is saved from Embassy of Somalia situated in Kenya and Ethiopia. But you need to know that the medical visa application has to be deposited at Indian High Commission of any of the countries.

Are there any online procedures?

On the website of Indian Visa Online, you just have to tap on Regular Visa Application and select the following from drop down column:

  • The name of your nation
  • atonality
  • High Commission
  • Type of Visa
  • The Purpose of Visit

Next, you have to select your date of birth and estimated arrival date. You also have to enter your email ID and access code and tap on Continue. Once you are done with all this, just fill the three paged online application form with the right and authentic information. Click on the Save button and continue at end of every page. While you are filling the form pages, make sure that you are filling out everything therein.


So, you can easily avail medical visa to India from Somalia if you have this point in mind. Just do according to these points and everything is set for your visa.

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