Does Apple Allow Unlock Of The iPhone?

A query that is one of the most searched on Google, the answer to this question is quite tricky.

Apple has been the leader in smartphone sales around the world, contributing to nearly 35% of all the smartphones in use currently.

In sales figures, it has sold over 500 million units and one model stands out from the rest, the iPhone 6.

The 2014 flagship phone gave Apple perhaps its best-ever sales year, with a staggering number of 10 million units sold just on the first day.

A majority of the phones were sold on contract, and there has only been one significant complaint which is the network issues they face with the carriers they choose.

This is not device specific but, almost every complaint pertained to network issues and the frustration customers felt by not being able to change sim cards.

Why do people buy the phone on contract?

The primary reason is the affordability; the phone can be bought on contract for a very small fraction of the retail price. You can pay the rest over the course of a year or two years.

The prospect of not having to pay around 600-700 dollars for a phone was what enticed customers.

The networks would also bundle in offers such as unlimited data and calls, or other lucrative tariffs. The offers, however, would not amount to much as the signals on the networks themselves are quite poor.

Once the contract also finishes, the customers are still stuck on the network, thus leading to even more frustration.

What can you do about it?

The first and most obvious step is to get rid of the network lock which is on the device. This can be done quite easily and all you need is the IMEI number of the device and a service that unlocks Apple devices.

The IMEI number is unique to every phone on earth and it can be used to unlock your phone.

A service is essential as they have access Appleā€™s global database of phones, using your IMEI number and a small service fee you can have your phone unlocked in a matter of minutes.

The services simply change the status of your IMEI from locked to unlocked. This allows you to use your device on any other network, from anywhere in the world. You can now use your Apple iPhone 6 unlocked.

What advantages will it give me?

For starters, you can now finally change your service provider and choose a plan which suits more of your needs.

The other advantage is the increase in the resell value of your phone. iPhones have some of the highest resell values of any smartphone, and an unlocked device has a far better value than a locked one.

So, if you have kept your device in good condition, you can easily sell it for a good amount of money and finance a new phone if you are looking for one.

The disadvantages are almost nil and even Apple does not condemn the unlocking of their phones, and the warranty is not voided.

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