Cost and Benefits of Surgery to Replace Heart Valve in India

People who need heart valve replacement must use another valve, either from a donor or an artificial one. The heart valve will therefore be made of animal tissue or from some strong man-made material such as plastics.

Types of valves and the defects

You have four types of valves in the human heart.

  1. Aortic valve
  2. Mitral valve
  3. Tricuspid valve
  4. Pulmonic valve

You can see how the low Heart Valve Replacement Cost in India is attracting medical tourism. It is almost one fifth to one-sixth the cost of the procedure in foreign countries. This has made India a leading spot for people who want medical treatment. You need heart valve replacement when they do not close, valves do not open fully, you have defects in the heart, or you have endocarditis.

People who will need surgery

The problem when the valve does not close completely is that the blood begins to flow back. Thus, oxygenated blood will return to the lungs. We call this regurgitation. The other extreme condition is stenosis where the blood is not allowed to flow forward. This happens when the heart valve closes too tightly.

You could become a candidate for the heart valve replacement surgery if you have one of the following conditions. You have changes in the heart valve that begin to affect your heart function. You get heart symptoms such as angina, shortness of breath, and fainting spells due to the defective heart valves.

Method of doing the surgery

The procedure involves making an incision in the chest and exposing the heart within. Then the surgeon removes the tendons and loosens the valve to the extent where he can remove the faulty valve and replace it with the good one. Then, he closes the incision in the chest, starts the heartbeat, and starts the heart-lung machine that was supporting the patient all along. They put the patient under general anaesthesia for the operation.

Signs of the heart disease

The people who need the heart valve transplant are those who exhibit one or more of the following symptoms.

  1. Acquired heart valve diseases: One example of this is calcification of the valves.
  2. Congenital heart valve diseases: An example of this is valves that leak or are too narrow.
  3. Cardiomyopathy: This condition refers to enlarged heart muscles.
  4. Tumours in the valve calls for remedial action.
  5. Aortic aneurysm.
  6. Infective endocarditis: Syphilis.
  7. Angina.
  8. Increased opening of the annulus of the heart.

Cost of treatment in India

One of the most common valves that needs replacement is the mitral valve. The Mitral Valve Replacement Cost in India costs about $6,000. You can compare this to the cost in the Western countries that comes to $14,000 or more. Add to the first-class facility one has in India for the operation, it is no wonder that all the foreigners flock to India for their medical treatment.

The treatment is done only after a thorough examination of the patient and his medical history. If you want a heart replacement surgery, book an appointment with the surgeon and he or she will tell you how to go about it.

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