Common Door Problems

You might not give much thought to the doors in your home, but they provide a very important service. They keep us safe from unwanted visitors and provide us with insulation from the elements outside, keeping warm air in and cold air out. Exterior doors in particular are of much greater importance and have a wider range of features to keep us insulated and secure. Such exterior doors will have locking mechanisms and it’s common to find a multi-point locking mechanism along with a mortice deadbolt.

We often take our doors for granted and it can come as a bit of a shock when we realize they might need repairing or replacing. They are extremely durable and resilient things but wear and tear catches up with them eventually. For Double Glazed Doors Company Evesham, visit are some of the faults that can occur when doors get old:

Alignment Issues

A door will eventually become misaligned if it is loose on the hinges. You’ll notice this when it becomes difficult to open and close the door. To begin with, it might be hardly noticeable but over time the misalignment will cause excess stress on the locking mechanisms. The worst-case scenario is the door is left completely unable to close or lock properly. The heavier the door, for example, upvc, the more pressure there is overtime on the hinges, causing misalignment in the long term. Fixing is quite straightforward as long as the lock is not broken.

Swelling Issues

Wood doors, in particular, are more prone to swelling. When the atmosphere is humid, wood will absorb moisture which causes them to swell. Eventually, the door will swell to the point where it becomes difficult to open and close. The door edges might need planning or be sanding down to enable it to fit the frame again. Swelling can be prevented by coating wooden doors with the correct weather treatments.

Hardware Faults

The most common door complaints arise from failing lock mechanisms or faulty door handles. These moving parts are used extensively during their lives and eventual wear and tear is inevitable. Keys also suffer from deterioration over time, resulting in possibly becoming stuck in a lock or snapping inside the lock.

Hinge Deterioration

Hinges are essential to the ease in which a door opens and closes. It’s important that hinges are well-maintained. They can be impacted by weather conditions and an accumulation of dirt and grime, both of which will result in a stiff and creaky door. Regular lubrication of these important components should reduce problems and prolong the life of your door.

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