Christmas Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

As Christmas fast approaches, finding the right gift for the man who has everything can be tricky. Most adults treat themselves to the things they want on a monthly basis so if the man in your life appears to have everything they want already, what can you do? Here are some unique ideas for those hard to buy for males:

Fossil Bookends – We’re not trying to suggest that you’re buying for a fossil but for a book-loving man in your life, fossilised bookends are a truly unique gift. They can be purchased polished and made from wood that’s become fossilised over 100 million years. They’ll look distinctive and distinguished on a bookcase or shelf in his man cave.

Posh Toothbrush – This looks far better than it sounds. Some high-end electric toothbrushes come in a matte black ceramic finish with five different settings. It even features a setting just for teeth whitening. Electric toothbrushes are excellent for cleaning teeth and can look super-stylish too.

Extremely Manly Toiletries – The Duke Cannon Handsome Man Grooming Can looks like part of the DIY stuff found in the shed. Never before have toiletries looked so rough and ready but tough guys will love it. The kit contains military-spec sunglasses, ‘big ass’ soap bars, ‘bloody knuckles’ hand cream and other mean grooming essentials.

Tank Warfare – Does your fella love war films, playing war games or is fascinated by military history? Then forget the museum tours and let him experience the real thing. Did you know you can spend a day driving a real tank? Engage in paintball type skirmishes or just experience what it actually feels like to drive one of these beasts. For more information about a Tank Driving Day, visit

Ultimate Phone Case – If your chap is forever dropping his phone and replacing smashed screens etc then give him the gift of an indestructible mobile phone case. It is dirt-proof, water-proof and most importantly, drop-proof. Whatever his occupation or hobby, his phone will stay protected without the annoying covering of plastic or glass obscuring the screen.

Personalised Chopping Board – Got a dad, brother, husband or son who’s a whizz in the kitchen and adores cooking up a storm? Then treat him to his very own personalised cutting board for all his veggie and meat chopping needs. A bamboo board with laser engraving can carry his initials or a message of your choice. It’s a thoughtful gift that will give him years of use.

Go Retro – We are all bombarded with digital gadgets and gizmos all day every day so go retro with a stunning analog clock fashioned from an old ship’s propeller for example. There are many different retro gifts available which offer a refreshing break from the constant touch-screen, digital equipment we’re used to.

Germ Zapper – Heading back to the digital age, our mobiles phones are one of the most germ ridden items we use on daily basis. They don’t often get cleaned but are put on all manner of surfaces, touched endlessly and held against our faces. The Germ Zapping charging case kills 99.9% of all germs through the clever use of UV rays.

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