Christmas Festival Celebrate Birth Anniversary of Lord Jesus

Christmas festival is around the corner and everyone starts doing preparations for the festival. Christmas festival is to celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. People believed that on 25th of December he was born to the mother Mary and father Joseph. Christmas festival is the primary festival of Christian people and they celebrate this festival with faith, joy, and enthusiasm.

On the occasion of Merry Christmas Folks send each other Merry Christmas Shayari from their smart phones and gadgets. They also exchange gifts with each other. This is 10-day long festival people start celebrations of Christmas on 24th of December and continue until 5th of January.

When the festival about to come staff of churches all across the globe starts clean the churches whitewash it, decorate it with lights and flowers not only churches but on this primary festival, Christians also clean their home whitewash it and few days prior to Christmas decorate it with lights and Christmas tree.

Nearly a week before Christmas people start singing Christmas carols and greets everyone Merry Christmas. Markets and streets decorated with lights, lamps, and flowers etc. people buy new clothes on Christmas so shopkeepers offer discounts to their customers, be it a flower shop, apparels shop, greeting  cards, toy shop everyone offer discounts to their customers.

Midnight mass is the other most important part of the Christmas festival. On the midnight before 25th December churches arranged a midnight mass where all Christian people together and offer prayers to the Lord Jesus and sung Christmas carol together and Read Scripture. Now many churches celebrate midnight mass earlier in the evening to make it more comfortable for the families with young children. According to tradition, Catholics Christian celebrates three masses on the Christmas day, first at midnight, then at dawn and during the day.

On the day of Christmas, in evening people visit the church, lighten up the candle in front the idol of Lord Jesus and mother Mary and ask for the happiness of their friends and family. On Christmas Eve people eat dinner with their family and friends which is also an important tradition called as Christmas feast.

Ladies of the house prepare delicious food for the Christmas feast in which roasted turkey, pudding cakes etc are including on the menu. After having dinner all together sung Christmas carols perform their traditional dance and this is how people celebrate Christmas festival.

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“May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with warmth and love. Christmas is the time of giving and sharing. It is the time of loving and forgiving. Happy Christmas Day…”

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