Business Strategies: Upgrading Your Business Card to Increase Prominence

People turn to digital marketing when it comes to business opportunities. True, there are more opportunities in the digital age.

However, you shouldn’t completely write off the potential capabilities of printed materials like business cards.

Business cards are still relevant, particularly when it comes to business. These are useful tools which you can use for marketing, networking, and promoting your company to clients or potential business partners.

Business cards aren’t reserved solely for large companies. Wherever you’re working, you need a business card.

So how do you make one which is unique and different from the hundreds of business cards that people hand out every day?

Read on to learn how you can change your business card to make it stand out from the crowd.

Use High-quality Paper

It’s not just the printed information that matters. The quality of the board you’re going to use is also an essential part of your business card. Invest in paper with excellent condition.

You’re not giving a good impression if the business card that you distribute is thin, crumpled, or dirty-looking paper.

It sends a weak message to the other person. Your card is a reflection of your company, and also of yourself.

By handing cheap-looking business cards, people might think that your business isn’t doing well because you can’t even afford to have high-quality cards.

Put some personality in it

Aside from the usual information that you’ll see on cards, you can add a personal touch to it because that makes the card more memorable. You can add notes to your card.

People are bound to respond to you if you show that you value them as people, and not just as clients or partners. You can also put images which relate well to your personality, too.

Include Eye-catching Graphics

Don’t include anything too drastic, but your card must consist of images which can grab a person’s attention. Company logos are standard, and people see it on business cards every time.

So how can you make a unique one with additional images? You can put pictures which relate to your products, or the services that your company offers.

Include Your Digital Sites

Some people go to your digital links to check your identity and your company’s credibility. Include relevant links in your business card so people can see your online activities.

Make sure not to include personal accounts which have nothing to do with your business. Keep your shared accounts strictly professional.

Present your Details Creatively

Abandon the usual business card format and make your own if you’re bold enough to do it. You can use original sentences or sensory adjectives to pique the interest of a potential client.

Make sure that you present it professionally because the wrong choice of words can discourage other people from dealing with you.

Size Matters

You can follow the usual size for business cards, but consider dimensions which aren’t familiar. You still have to make sure that all your information can fit, but you can choose mini or square business cards.

A card which comes in a different shape can attract a person’s attention.

When you hand out a card, people expect it to be in the typical rectangular shape. If it’s square (or any other form), people are more likely to examine it because they’ll be curious about what it is.

Add Small Details

Aside from the size, you can also change some features if your card such as the sharp corners. Some business cards now have rounded corners.

Changing small details can help make your card more unique. However, you have to be careful with the changes that you want because it might cause your card to look tacky or unprofessional.

You can also change the texture of your cards. Cards with different textures tend to be more noticeable than plain ones.

●       Varnish

Are you a fan of glossy surfaces? Varnish is the one for you. It protects your card, making it more durable, and it also enhances the printed design.

●       Embossed

The print in your card isn’t printed plainly on the paper. You can see and feel that the impression is in relief, and raised from the paper surface.

●       Foil

The foil is like adding bling to your business card. The shiny letters will stand out more on a dark-toned surface.

●       Laser

The laser is used to cut through the paper to form unique shapes or images which relate to your company.

●       Matte Lamination

Matte offers added protection for your business card because it can protect it from the water. It makes your card softer and smoother.


Some people assume that the digital age has rendered printed materials obsolete, but this is not true. Business cards are still useful tools in helping your company grow and expand.

The only thing that you have to do is make your business card stand out from the rest. Use high-quality paper for your business card.

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