Best Sites for YouTube to Facebook Video – Free Service

We all would have encountered situations where we would want our favourite videos to be advertised or posted in our Facebook page.

There could be several reasons to do this:

  • We may wish to advertise self-created videos to a larger viewer base and market our businesses / tools / pure videos as such.
  • We may want to publicize or forward videos of our liking like – funny videos, videos created for educational or public awareness needs, favourite shows on YouTube channels etc. – to people who visit our page.
  • To forward videos to a community or group, of which you are a member

Whatever may be the reason; there are quite a good number of tools in the market that can effortlessly do the job for you.

In this article, we would be visiting few cool sites that can act as a great YouTube to Facebook converter.

Thumbnail generator at

This website offers an efficiently faster way of converting videos on YouTube to large size thumbnails in Facebook. It offers a provision to customize Facebook thumbnails from YouTube by adding your own title, description and picture.

The thumbnail is created by capturing original images posted along the video and adding a large play button on top of it. You can easily create large youtube thumbnail for facebook using this tool.


Using this service, we can directly upload video from any YouTube link to the Facebook profile page or any other page that is managed. There is no need to download the video before sharing.

The video to be shared is directly uploaded from the application’s server to your Facebook page. There is not much customization that you can do with the presentation of the video link.


A major problem with many YouTube to FB video converters is that the thumbnails are not clearly visible, attracting lesser clicks.

So the video does not create any impact in terms of advertising and the purpose of having the videos on FB is not justified. This free to use service solves this issue by converting YouTube URLs to FB friendly versions with full width that can directly appear on your FB feed.

The videos are mobile-friendly and work well across major browser applications. All this ensures higher click rates for the videos.


This website provides a very clean interface to convert YouTube video URL into FB friendly links. The tool offers customizations title, description, pictures and the play button icons.

A user-friendly preview of the expected converted format is also displayed on the fly. You can also manage several such videos using this utility.


Another user-friendly website is You are required to enter the URL of the video as input and you receive the converted URL as output.

This URL can then be pasted in the status input box of Facebook to embed the video as a large thumbnail.

The above is a list of free tools available to export YouTube videos to FB feeds. As you can see, some of them offer basic features, while others make customizations possible.

Which site to use depends on the how the video needs to be displayed and what customizations are required.

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