Best Five Features of Orijen Dog Food

When buying food for your dog, choosing the best quality is always very important. You should be able to read the content of the ingredients used and establish their suitability not only in keeping your dog healthy but also in providing the desired nutrients at all times. According to multiple Orijen dog food reviews, we seen online, this brand is highly rated by many users not only in the US but also in Canada.

Of course, there are also other brands which are highly respected but Orijen seems to be a favorite among many pet owners. Here are 5 features of Orijen dog food that makes it a popular brand: –

The company uses freshly-Sourced Ingredients

According to the Kentucky-based pet food company, most of the ingredients used are normally fresh and sourced from the US and the state of Kentucky in particular. Since these ingredients are not frozen, your dog is guaranteed of high-quality food that will help keep it strong and healthy. Whether it’s fish, beef or any other ingredient, all these are normally fresh and sourced from within the country.

The food contains organic ingredients

According to most Orijen dog food reviews, many customers are attracted to the brand due to the use of grain-free ingredients. Of course, there are also many other brands which can boost of grain-free products but Orijen includes organic ingredients in their dog foods something that most other companies might not guarantee.

Some of the organic ingredients used by Orijen include pumpkins and spinach among others and these are very effective in relieving cases of constipation and diarrhea in man’s best friend.

Available in different varieties

Another great feature you find with Orijen dog foods is that they are available in different varieties covering different dog age brackets right from puppies to seniors. In addition, you’ll find different brands and flavors such as Regional Red, Orijen Senior Dry Dog, and Orijen puppy formula among others. This means you can depend on a single product line for all your dogs and this is one thing many Orijen dog food reviews have captured.

Formulas tailored to meet dog’s biological needs

If you are a dog owner, then you understand that different dogs have different biological needs and this is something that should be met when thinking about their diet. As such, you’ll appreciate that Orijen dog foods are all formulated in such a way that different biological needs in your dogs are met in a balanced and qualitative way.  No matter the type of dog you are raring, you can be sure to keep it happy and healthy with food from this brand line.

Uses single protein sources

All the different varieties of dog food from Orijen are formulated with a single protein source which helps you choose based on the status of your dog. For example, by using let’s say chicken as the single source of protein, it means one does not have to struggle with the selection in case his or her pet is allergic to another protein source. Protein is essential for supporting a healthy heart and strong muscles in dogs.

These are some of the main features in the dog food and writers of most Orijen dog food reviews seems to be highly satisfied with the products.

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