Read Now About the Benefits of This Wellness Recipe of Honey Water on an Empty Stomach

Since we all know about the exceptional nutritious values of the raw organic honey, I wonder have you ever drunk the easiest and the most time-saving drink you could ever prepare? Probably, I caught your interest now and ‘why’ is your next question. We, as advocates for healthy lifestyles, dedicate most of our time researching in order to help you elevate the level of healthy eating and improve your general well-being. Thus, I believe I found the secret combination you could ever imagine, the one that doesn’t allow excuses not to drink honey water on a daily basis. This morning drink is divine and can benefit you in several ways.

I am sure you are familiar with the benefits of a lukewarm glass of water in the morning or,perhaps you have read about how honey improves the health of your skin, but did you know what miraclescan warm water and honey do for? Read furtherabout the miracles of honey and warm water. I promise you, this is worth reading.

Embrace fit & slim figure with honey and water

Consuming water and honey can be beyondhelpful for you get a slimmer figure and more attractive look, of course. This is the moment of truth: the sugar in the honey is one of the benefits when you want to lose weight, not a disadvantage.  The sugar in the raw honey is a natural one which offers a healthy amount of calories. Soda drinks can now be easily replaced with this drink and for the rest of the day you won’t feel guilty of reaching the soda bottle again. The more patient you are, the better for you – the effects of this routine are quite long-lasting.

Honey water works as a detoxifying potion

Honey is the must ingredient in all detox drinks, maybe because of all the minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Therefore, the honey water works as a detox drink, too. If you want to enhance the effect of this drink, a little bit of squeezed lemon will do a great job. All the toxins will be successfully removed through urine and excrement.


Offer a helping hand to your immune system

Once your body is detoxified, your immunity will be more supportive. Honey is a remarkable bacteria fighter. Make sure to grab only organic honey because this product’s properties will do many wonders, for example, the digestion will be improved, your stomach won’t be gassy anymore, the antioxidants will prevail in your body and that just explains everything.

Honey is a nutritious antioxidant

Honey is a powerful antioxidant, full of flavonoids, abounds in minerals, enzymes and polyphenols that eliminate the free radicals in your organism that probably cause chaos inside, without you being aware of it. Regular consumption of honey and water will protect you from the plague of the 21 century – the cancer. Moreover, the natural, organic honey has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic properties-a claimed fact which gives an overall immune system support.

Honey water as allergies eliminator

Yes, honey helps you to ease vulnerability to allergies. You may find just everything on the market against allergies, but what is simpler and more effective than honey. Try to drink honey water regularly in the morning few months before the allergy starts (if you know when exactly the allergy appears) and the symptoms of the allergy will be unusually reduced. Maybe the water in this recipe doesn’t help a lot, but you will stay hydrated, at least.

What about more energy?

Adults can never get enough energy, with respect to some individuals. This stressful times do not allow us to relax, moreover the stress and the rush are sucking our energy out on a daily basis. Sometimes, we even forget to stay properly hydrated, which is one of the causes for feeling lifeless and weak. In this case, the honey water does two great things – the water hydrates the body and doesn’t let you feel sluggish or phlegmatic, but the honey supplies your organism with simple sugars and carbs, vitamins and enzymes that quickly lift your energy levels. So, you may want to reduce the coffee throughout the day and replace it with honey water.

Treat your skin with honey water for younger look

Honey has active antioxidants in abundance which treat the skin against early ageing progression. Its many active agents wash the skin from the inside ofgermsand micro-organisms by the help of the anti-microbial properties. Also, the water keeps your skin hydrated and renewed. The honey regenerates the cells of the skins tissues to a shinier and younger look.

It’s a recipe so simple and unique!

  • raw organic honey
  • lukewarm water (boiled previously)
  • spices (lemon, ginger, turmeric) to taste

As soon as the water reaches the boiling temperature, remove it from the stove and let it cool down until it becomes pleasant for drinking. Stir 1-2 tablespoons of raw, organic honey. You can also add spices like lemon, ginger, even turmeric to taste, to enhance the effect of the versatile properties.

Note: Always drink this drink freshly prepared and in the morning for best results. Drink it as soon as you are out of bed, and 30 minutes before you eat breakfast and enjoy your day!


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