Benefits of APPLE Cider vinegar

We all have had some apple cider vinegar in our pantries at one time or the other. We love the sweet taste it adds to our salad dressing, marinades and homemade pickles but beyond this did you know that apple cider vinegar is beneficial for your health? Yes, this sour solid has a number of benefits you can reap from using it but it would also be good to know the side effects associated with its overuse. Below are some of the great benefits you can get from ACV: –

Undeniable Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar aids in weight loss

Did you know that vinegar is an effective agent if you want to lose or maintain the ideal weight? Yes, studies have shown that obese people who are healthy can lose weight gradually by taking vinegar on a daily basis for 12 weeks. Coupled with other healthy lifestyles, vinegar will help lose weight slightly more that people who do not use it.

The liquid helps in breaking down body fats but it is worth to note that this is not a magic bullet for weigh issues. Apples are known to be rich in pectin which helps you feel satisfied and fuller thus helping you eat less. Using apple cider vinegar in your meals will help suppress your appetite since it also contains pectin.

Apple cider vinegar for skin

People who struggle with pimples and acne will find apple cider vinegar to be of great help in eliminating them. The liquid has some antibacterial and antiseptic properties which can help the skin and protect it from pimples and acne. Washing the skin with some vinegar will help clear the skin pores of bacteria, dust particles and oil.

At the same time, it can help balance and restore your skin’s pH and this is essential in preventing against skin breakouts. ACV also has astringent properties which make it a great skin toner especially for people those with oily skin. Additionally, the vinegar is rich in alpha hydroxy acids which are essential for regulating the pH level and improving the circulation of blood to the skin while at the same time minimizing the pores. You can also use this vinegar to treat sunburns, calm itching, irritation and inflammation of the skin.

Apple cider vinegar whitens teeth

Among the many benefits that apple cider vinegar has to offer, you will be pleased to know that it is great gum/teeth cleanser and natural antibiotic. ACV can help eliminate stubborn stains especially those caused by nicotine and coffee, two of the major culprits when it comes to teeth staining.

According to different studies, using the liquid to clean your teeth can remove stubborn stains just in the same way natural teeth whiteners are capable of doing. What makes ACV effective is that it contains some compounds such as potassium, acetic acid, enzymes, magnesium and probiotics which are capable of killing bad bacteria. And considering that apple cider vinegar is naturally acidic, it can break down plague that sticks to the teeth as well as other substances.

Apple cider vinegar helps control blood sugar and cholesterol

While ACV will not make you slim magically research has shown that it is effective for lowering the risk of blood sugar and diabetes. Studies done in the past have shown that apple cider vinegar is effective on blood sugar and works in the same way as most drugs used for the same condition.

The studies have shown that ACV blocks the digestion of some starch to a certain level thus preventing it from raising the blood sugar in the body. Although some experts do not view it this way, there is a good reason to believe that it does work this way but this does not make it a magic bullet and should be used alongside other remedies.

Apple cider vinegar can be used in a number of ways other than just adding it to your snacks. As shown by the benefits, you can use a mixture of the liquid with water to clean your skin every now and then.

While at it, it would be good to use it moderately and wisely. There are several side effects associated with excessive usage of ACV and you should watch out for these so as not to preempt the many benefits it has to offer. Excessive use could worsen gastroparesis symptoms which are a common problem for people suffering from type 1 diabetes. It may also cause some horrible digestive problems for some people.

It shouldn’t be used excessively to whiten teeth as this could result in the damage of the enamel.

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