Analyse Candidate’s Mental Capabilities with Logical Reasoning Test

It is incumbent on you as the employer to assess the mental abilities of your employees. One way to do this during the hiring process is to conduct logical reasoning test. These tests are the culmination of a variety of non-verbal abilities of an employee. It requires the candidate to interpret, shapes, numbers, patterns etc. It also requires them to interpret relations, evaluation situations etc. If you want some kind of specific ability test for your employee then you can include different subsets of logical reasoning test such as diagrammatic reasoning, inductive reasoning abstract reasoning etc. All these tests can help you to get a comprehensive idea of the candidate’s mental abilities.

Aspects of logical reasoning test

Streamlined thought process: These tests are time-constrained ones. So the candidate has to have a streamlined thought process to answer most of the questions. If his thought process is wayward he cannot solve questions in time and therefore cannot score well. A streamlined thought process will help him or her arrive at the point in less time. A streamlined thought process is essential in solving organizational problems in less time and thereby save time and money for you.

Ability to dig out the logic: Every incidence has logic behind it. Employees of your organization need to have the ability to dig out the logic behind happenings and incidents. With the help of these reasoning tests, you can test whether the willing candidates have the ability to decipher logic behind a situation, diagram or problem.

Flexibility with the unfamiliar problem: People are aware of how to respond to given situations. But when they face unfamiliar situations, problems or diagrams they tend to lose confidence and beat about the bush to find a solution. But organizations need to test how its employees would respond to unfamiliar information, situation or problem. Logical reasoning test can help you in this aspect. Questions that are set for this purpose usually display a series of shapes or objects with a missing shape or object as the question. The candidate has to identify the underlying logic for each of these series of diagrams and use the information available from there to select the missing shape. It calls for good analytical and conceptual thinking.

Structured thinking: With the help of logical reasoning test, you can assess the ability of a person in terms of structured thinking. There may be a number of statements, and the candidate has to get the most accurate answer to the question. To answer such questions successfully the candidates need to have the ability to identify the different components of an argument.

Test of logic is fundamental to any assessment. Generally verbal or numerical reasoning are not included in such tests. However, there are variations. If you want to test any sector-specific abilities of the intending candidates then you may go for verbal and numerical questions. Sector-specific logical reasoning tests may be designed for various engineering faculties like mechanical, electrical, computer, chemical etc. Different types of questions may be set for niches such as finance or managerial jobs.

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