Agile Auckland – Why You Should Consider a Co-working Space in Auckland

Auckland’s business atmosphere is another attractive locale in Australia where savvy entrepreneurs can invest their money or in their business acumen.

Among the numerous industries, the city offers a host of resources and opportunities for them to learn great strategies for growing their business.

With the numerous opportunities for business growth in this emerging city, you can easily manage and grow your business.

Even office space is not an issue for professionals looking for opportunities in the bustling city.

Like many other cities around the globe, Auckland has made co-working a real staple in the commercial real estate market. Co-working has been around for a while, but in its current incarnation, it simply is an office space solution where professionals share space.

Among its numerous benefits, it saves businesses thousands of dollars yearly in overhead.

Continue reading below for more information about the cost-savings to businesses and the other benefits of co-working.


One main benefit to businesses is the amount of money that is saved every month.

Because co-working only asks the renter to lease the use of space, as opposed to an entire structure, the professional only pays for desk space, standard IT services and office equipment.

In comparison, conventional office leases require you pay for space, in addition to utilities, cable, internet and host of amenities. Servcorp’s Co-working Space in Auckland is a great example of the way this office space style can reduce overhead.


These plans are not only more affordable but they also are flexible as well. Your standard lease requires you commit to at least a year where most co-working leases are month-to-month.

This flexibility is great for a number of diverse populations.

The self-employed, start-ups, and just about anyone who needs office space at an affordable rate can benefit from co-working spaces just by virtue of the leases being scalable.

Those who want to test new markets can find it much easier to lease a co-working space than any of the other alternatives.

If you are looking to expand or relocate in the next couple of years, co-working spaces again offer business more flexibility in the types of amenities they can provide and in the varied locations you might find them.


One great characteristic of co-working offices is that they can be found in any part of the city. In fact, it is not unheard of for co-working spaces to exist in some of the more exclusive, prestigious locations in Auckland.

For professionals who need to be in a prime location but are hampered by their budget, co-working spaces can be an affordable solution to the alternative lease, which can be outrageously expensive for someone on a tight budget.

Networking And Collaboration

A plus for the co-working professional is that because the organizational style places other talented professionals in close proximity there are numerous opportunities to engage in informal networking.

In addition to formal networking events held by some of these communities, these opportunities encourage and promote collaboration among the many different industries.

These collaborations are the foundation building your reputation and your business.

Community-Minded Atmosphere

Another important feature of the co-working space is that it really is home away from home for some professionals.

With the numerous opportunities for social interaction, the co-working atmosphere is a nice change from the stuffy corporate environment.

Whether conversing at one of the hot desks while working or chatting it up at any one of the numerous after-hours events, you can definitely find community among these professionals.

Auckland’s Co-Working Community

This vibrant city is attractive for so many reasons including its co-working environment. Whether a start-up or self-employed, you will find this city offers a variety of options in co-working spaces.

While cost-savings is a major advantage to working in these office spaces, the ability to build your business in a nurturing environment is another reason to join this type of working community.

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