Adorning Floor Spaces-Carpet Flooring Suppliers And Manufacturers

Large spaces such as in offices, hotels require floors to be covered such that they provide a good ambience and a warm feeling. Wooden flooring, stone flooring and others are high maintenance for any space, nor do they provide warmth. Carpet tile is an innovative way to adorn a space and bring some innovation.

Advantages of carpeting a space with tiles

  1. Low cost installation: Carpet tiles come in small sizes that are easily transported to any space. They are easy to install and require very less time compared to traditional flooring of stone or wood.
  2. Low maintenance: Stone or wooden flooring are high maintenance while carpet flooring is very low maintenance.
  3. Easy to remove, so the same space can be innovated upon: A space can get a new look by changing the floor patterns. It is very easy to do so with carpet tiles. They can easily be removed and changed. If a tile needs to be changed, it takes only a day to do so unlike using traditional flooring materials.
  4. Available in variety of colours and patterns: Manufacturers have become very innovative with designs and colours. Interior designing has never been so easy. The whole space can be made to look entirely different by changing these floor tiles.
  5. Thickness: Carpet tiles come in varied thickness depending on the demand of the clients. They can be from 6mm to 14 mm or even thicker.
  6. Different sizes: Carpet tiles come in different sizes to cater to all spaces. If a space is small, the tiles are of small size and pattern but if the space is very large, the size of the tile is bigger.

Carpet flooring suppliers in India are now teaming up with interior designers and coming up with new designs, patterns and colours. Some suppliers keep a specific kind of tile while some others cater to a larger clientele need.

Carpet manufacturing industries in India

Industries that manufacture carpets are spread all over the country. They are especially dense in northern India with Jammu and Kashmir being most famous for the silk carpets. Not only do these manufacturing units cater to clients in India but also to clients abroad. Some carpet manufacturers employ designers and weavers thus sustaining their livelihoods to create handmade carpets, which are much more expensive than machine woven carpets. Creating hand-woven carpets has led to this traditional art of weaving from dying out. Some smaller manufacturing industries employ women thus empowering them and respecting the artisan for her craft.

Some famous carpet manufacturing industries are situated at the outskirts of cities, therefore providing employment opportunities to people in smaller towns and cities. Youth do not remain unemployed. They are trained in the use of technology and then absorbed into the manufacturing unit.

Designs from all over the world serve as inspiration for the carpet manufacturing industries. From traditional Persian designs to motifs of the new millennium, carpet manufacturers are catering to all tastes.

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