How to Activate Window 7 Permanently (Kmspico Activator) 2017

If you have installed Windows 7 on your computer but unfortunately lost your activation key, it is obvious that you might not be able to enjoy all the essential premium features. However, this problem can be resolved by either confirming your activator (which obviously you might not have) or using the KMS activator. The latest version of KMSpico Activator allows you to enjoy lifetime activation for Windows and other Office products thus making it a real lifesaver for any computer user. The activator is also ideal for anyone using a trial version of Windows and Office software among others. Here is how you can activate windows 7 permanently with the help of KMSpico Activator: –

Step 1: – Download KMSpico

First of all, you’ll need to download the Window activator into your computer before you can start the process. This can be done from the official website or by going to the other approved sites. While looking for the download product, make sure to avoid fake activators since they are there.

Step 2: – Disable the internet connection

Once you have downloaded the activator, the next thing you should do it to disconnect your internet connection. This is an important step during the installation process.

Step 3: – Disable the antivirus

When installing crack files, your antivirus guard will always restrict you as it considers such to be a virus. In order to succeed, always disable the antivirus and enable once you are through. Your computer will always be safe as long as you download the file from a legit source.

Step 4: – Install the activator

Follow by installing the setup file and then complete your installation by following the simple process. The file is about 5mbs in size and neither takes long in downloading nor in installation.

Step 5: – Activate Window 7

Once the installation is done, just go ahead and click the Activate button which makes active all the supported Microsoft products installed on your computer.

Step 6: – Reboot your PC or laptop

With the activation done, go ahead and restart your computer to start enjoying the full-featured Windows 7. The best thing with the kms activator is that the activation is long-term, unlike some other activators which are only effective for the time your session is in progress.

It is good to remember to enable your antivirus once the installation is complete in order to ensure that your system is secure all through. Once you have activated your Windows 7, the license you are using looks genuine even though we all know it isn’t. Everything works properly including when you update your Windows. You can download your KMS activator to different computers and laptops.

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