A List of Top 10 Phones Under the Price of 10,000 Rupees

Buying a phone which best suits your budget and preference is a tough choice to make since there are a number of brands floating in the market. A price comparison site might help you in this case since they make a vivid comparative study of the features of different phones within a specified price range given by the buyer. The comparative study is not only done by the experts but also keeps in mind the feedbacks of the customers, who have already bought and rated the phones. Thus, there cannot be more credible source than this which one might consult before buying a phone.

Smartphones are available in the market which range from below five thousand rupees to above a lakh. If your maximum budget is ten thousand rupees,and you are looking for a smartphone, then there are a few options out of which you can buy your phone. The following article will enumerate a list of phones within the range of 5000-10000on the basis of its ratings and preference by the customers.

Top 10 Phones at a price lesser than ten thousand

Xiaomi Redmi 4 16 GB – Rs8,549

Redmi is a Chinese company which is slowly taking over the Indian market, and it is known for its smooth functioning and good battery life. The Xiaomi Redmi 4 has an Octa core processor along with a 5-inch display screen and a 13 MP camera. The battery is of 4100 mAh and has an internal memory of 16 GB. The device is much known for its lag free operation, and quality features that a user in the low-price segment may be looking for.

Nokia 3 – Rs9,499

One of the oldest and the foremost brands in the Indian market, Nokia is slowly making its place in the smart phones sector. Nokia 3 has a Quad core processor along with a 5-inch display screen and a 13 MP camera. The battery is of 2630 mAh and can be your choice if Nokia is your preference. In the low-price segment, it is known for its quality camera and other features that can be of great help to the user irrespective of style and type of use.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A – Rs7,449

The Xiaomi Redmi 4 A comes with a Quad Core processor, a 5-inch display screen and a 13 MP camera. The battery is 3120 mAh, and it can compete with the Nokia 3 but comes at a lesser price. Those who want to have premium features in the low-cost device can opt for this model. The processor and RAM of the device are also a quality that one can rely on.

Lenovo K6 Power 32 GB – Rs9,549

The Lenovo K6 Power comes with an Octa Core processor, a 5-inch display screen and a 13 MP camera with a 4000 mAh. This phone is a really good buy within the price range, and it comes with a 32 GB internal memory. It is a device that one can go for if he loves to have numerous applications and storage. The processor of the device is also fast, and hence the navigation and overall use is much easy for the buyer.

Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 – Rs7,999

The Samsung Galaxy J2 is an old release and comes with a Quad core processor, 5-inch display screen, 8 MP camera and 2600 mAh battery. This is not a good buy within the price range, and buyers might consider twice before buying it. The leading brand in the smartphone market also has this low-priced device that can be used by the casual users. The quality of the camera and easy navigation are the positive features of this device.

Oppo A37 – Rs8,939

The Oppo A37 comes with a Quad core processor, a display screen of 5-inch and 8 MP primary camera and 2630 mAh battery capacity. Again, being a mediocre phone, this should not top your choice list. Due to the quality of the device, it has recently captured a good share of the market with the help of the device and its marketing campaign.

Vivo Y53 – Rs9,099

The Vivo Y53 consists of a Quad core processor, 5-inch screen size and 8 MP back camera with a battery capacity of 2500 mAh. A comparatively new brand, Vivo, has better phones at a higher price range. Those who love to go for selfies and video shoots must possess this device for the quality of the image as well as capturing video clips.

Moto C Plus – Rs6,999

At a price of 7000 rupees, Motorola’s C Plus has a Quad Core processor and a five-inch display screen with an 8 MP camera. The battery capacity is 4000 mAh, and if you are a Motorola phone, then this phone is a good buy within the given price range. For the users who look for a quality device with a brand name and features, this can be the best choice.

Xiaomi Redmi 4 32 GB – Rs10,390

The Xiaomi Redmi 4 comes with an Octa core processor, a 5-inch display, 13 MP primary camera and 4100 mAh battery capacity. A little above the ten thousand range, the increase in price is due to the 32 GB internal memory space. A lower priced phone comes with same features but only with an internal memory space of 16 GB. There is hardly any feature which is not present in this device. One can have a better processor, quality camera, massive storage and many more features if he goes for this device.

Lenovo Vibe K5 – Rs6,999

Generally popular as a laptop brand Lenovo brings you a low-priced phone with an Octa core processor, 5-inch display screen, 13 MP back camera and 2750 mAh battery.  It is a budget phone from the brand Lenovo which is famous for its quality products across the market as well as segments. The internal memory and camera quality are the primary drivers of this device.

These are the best picks among the lot. If you need to check more, you can visit 91mobiles.

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