A Beginner’s Guide to Body Lift Surgery

Unfortunately, no amount of diet or exercise can fix this issue; as soon as the tissue has lost some of its elasticity, it is next to impossible for it to regain its initial shape.

Fortunately, there is one procedure that has proven itself as the most effective and reliable method of combating lax skin and restoring tissue elasticity to give you a contoured figure; the Body Lift.

The effects of aging, pregnancy or extreme weight loss are the major contributors to poor tissue elasticity.

This excess and undesired tissue eventually droop around the abdomen, lower back, buttocks, and waist causing one not to be comfortable in their skin; pun intended.

This is because sagging skin can take away even from the slimmest body, making the body to appear flabby, in addition to clothes not fitting correctly.

What is the Body Lift Procedure?

Also referred to as the Belt Lipectomy, this is a surgical technique that aims to eliminate loose skin and excess fat from the upper torso, belly, buttocks, hips, and thighs.

As the flabby skin is being discarded, the tissues become tightened, while the belly area is sculpted to realize a flat and attractive figure.

A belt lipectomy restores a narrow waist, smooth abdomen, and shapely contour.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Body Lift Procedure?

Any individual that is not happy with the flaccid and lose tissue along their belly, waist, lower back, and buttocks stands to benefit from the belt lipectomy technique.

Additionally, those that have gone through a massive weight loss, such as that offered by the gastric bypass procedure, make for excellent candidates for the Body Lift.

Nevertheless, the ideal is supposed to be someone that has a thorough understanding of what the Body Lift procedure entails, is in good health, is a nonsmoker, and has reasonable expectations out of the treatment.

Moreover, anyone that wishes to undergo this treatment should also commit to upholding a healthy lifestyle after the procedure to ensure long-lasting results.

The Consultation

When you decide to take on this treatment, your preferred plastic surgeon will schedule a consultation to determine whether the Body Lift is indeed the procedure that will solve your problems.

During the discussion, they will discuss your aesthetic desires, have a look into your health history, and carry out a physical exam.

Additionally, they will thoroughly explain the Body Lift technique, so you can know what you are getting into, show you before & after photos of their patients, and explain the risks involved with the treatment.

If the doctor decides that the body Lift is what you need, they will create a personalized treatment plan for you.

The Procedure

A Body Lift surgery typically takes between six and eight hours and is usually done while the patient is under general anesthesia.

You might also need to stay overnight following the treatment so that the doctors can aid in the initial recovery process to promote successful healing.

To begin the procedure, your surgeon will start by making a round incision around the body, above the buttocks, and across the lower abdomen.

Once they have completed the incision, they will proceed to excise excess fatty tissue and skin from the belly, hips, and lower back.

The skin and muscle that is remaining will then be pulled taut to reveal a sculpted figure.

Once the intended results have been realized, the incisions will be sealed using dissolvable sutures. Finally, your surgeon will place a dressing over your incisions and give you a support garment.

A Belt Lipectomy typically offers impressive results. Additionally, the technique can be customized to meet individual preferences or needs. It can also be combined with other rejuvenation techniques as well such as the Brazilian Butt Lift, Breast augmentation, or Liposuction.


The recovery period following a body Lift treatment may vary between individuals depending on what the specific procedure entailed. Nonetheless, it often takes about two weeks.

Immediately post-surgery, you will experience swelling and bruising. As such, you will need to use a compression garment to combat the swelling and facilitate healing.

The surgeons may also place drain tubes after the surgery to allow for blood and excess fluids to escape. These drains can remain in place for up to a week. However, this depends on the extent of the surgery. Your surgeon will also see you the next day to devise the appropriate recovery plan.

You should also expect moderate discomfort following treatment. Therefore, you might be prescribed pain medications to ease this discomfort.

Additionally, you will be given antibiotics that will combat any infections arising from the wounds. Also, expect to feel sore and tired in addition to temporary numbness around the incision areas for several days post-surgery.

Fortunately, however, you should be able to return to work or school within a month. But, you should avoid strenuous activities and exercise for at least six weeks.

The Results

You will be able to see results immediately after the surgery. However, due to the subsequent bruising and swelling, you might not be able to see the full results until three to six months.

Fortunately, the results are permanent, and the new look will be your lasting look as long as you live healthily.

Risks and Complications

Despite the potential risks and possible complications, the Body Lift is an extremely safe treatment procedure that has been performed for decades without complications.

However, it is imperative that you only work under an experienced and reputable cosmetic surgery specialist, to not only realize your aesthetic goals but also to be sure that you do not develop any undesired complications.

Dr. Donald Roland is a board-certified aesthetic surgeon and one of the most renowned cosmetic surgeons in New York City.

Board certified and with over two decades of experience helping thousands of patients to meet their aesthetic or reconstructive goals, Dr. Roland is ready and willing to serve you.

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