7 Tips to Keeping Your Feet Healthy

It’s really a good thing to keep your feet as healthy as you possibly can. The good news is that it isn’t expensive at all. Most of the measures aimed at enhancing the health status of your feet just demand proper hygiene. The choice will be all yours on whether to follow these simple, healthy tips or just to neglect your feet.

When you don’t keep your feet healthy, you’re inviting bacteria, fungi, and other micro-organisms to invade your feet. The infestation can lead to an infection that in the long run might even culminate in disability. I bet that you also won’t put up with the rejection that your friends will be directed to you because of your smelling feet.

Keeping Your Feet Healthy

Here are the seven healthy and inexpensive tips that will ensure your feet remain healthy:

1. Guard your feet in public areas

This is one way of preventing the invasion of micro-organism on your feet. You cannot miss it that there is an absence of these small organisms in public points. It’s important always to wear shower shoes whenever you go to public pools, gym and even public toilets. Remember also to do the same while at the beach because it can be a breeding area for infestation.

2. Never share your footwear

It’s important to know the items that you should only keep to yourself. This is nearly mandatory with the items that you wear on your body. I know you’re already observing this instruction by not sharing your handkerchief, towels, and innerwear. Why do you make an exemption when it comes to your feet?

Always wear your own shoes and socks without sharing with anyone because you could end up sharing infections too. You shouldn’t also rent any footwear.

3. Trim your toenails in a better way

It’s good to keep your toenails short so that it cannot be a breeding zone for some pests. However, you need to do this in the right way. For instance, you shouldn’t cut your toenails too close to the flesh such that you inflict pain on yourself.

4. Select breathable footwear

There’s no point restricting your feet to closed shoes day after day. It’s true that your feet have pores through which your feet breathe on so wear shoes that allow the breathing. Consider it with yourself, when someone keeps on bothering you, you tell them ‘You need a breathing space.’

5. Keep your feet clean and dry

This is one sure way of keeping your feet surprisingly healthier. When your feet are clean, no germs will fathom to get near it. Likewise, when they’re dry, the content of moisture that can attract fungi infections goes down.

6. Examine your feet for problems

This is one tradition that you’ve maintained for your face. You can as well do it to your feet when showering or having a message with the use of best foot massager. Check if there are cuts between your toes as this could be a sign of athlete’s foot. When you see the discoloration of your toenails, know that you could be having an immense number of fungi.

7. See your doctor once in a while

There are some asymptomatic infections that only doctors could know. You may fail to see the symptoms early only to sense an infection in its latest stage. The doctor concerned with this case is the podiatrist.

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