6 Simple Hacks to Prepare Soft Dough for Bread and Rotis

Breads and rotis are a staple part of meals in every household. They can be paired with any dish to make it wholesome and complete. Theycan be consumed during any meal asthey are appropriate for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as evening snacks.

The main constituent behind tasty bread and rotis is soft dough, but it can be a difficult job to make soft dough. If the dough is not soft, your bread and rotis will get difficult to chew and will not stay fresh for longer hours.

Here are 6 simple hacks that can make sure that the dough you require for bread and roti is soft:

  1. Good Quality Wheat- The first hack to get soft dough is buying good quality wheat. If the wheat that you buy is grinded properly, then the flour will be of good quality. When this flour is kneaded, the dough stays soft and fresh.
  2. Kneading- Kneading is a practice that can take quite a while to attain perfection. You need to add the right amount of water to the flour to make the dough soft. If you want to save time and make sure that you get soft dough without any hassle, you should definitely buy a good atta dough maker. It is less messy, fast, automated and guarantees soft dough every time.
  3. Less Dry Atta- At the time of rolling the dough into a bread or roti, make sure that you put less dry atta. Dry atta will make the dough hard, which will make your roti or bread less desirable. It will not get cooked properly and will not taste good.
  4. Add Few Drops of Oil- If you want the dough to stay soft for a longer duration of time, after kneading the dough, add a few drops of oil. The oil acts like a protective layer and makes sure that the moisture is intact. This keeps the dough hydrated for long and therefore it remains soft for many days. Too much oil can tamper the taste of the dough, so remember to add a few drops of oil only and then stretch and fold the dough.
  5. Cover the Dough- To make sure that you prepare rotis and bread from soft dough, keep the dough covered with a lid or vessel at all times. If you keep the dough exposed to air for long, it will start losing its moisture. As the moisture content of the dough becomes less, it will become dry and flaky. So, store the dough properly and keep it covered.
  6. Store in a Cool Place- Refrigerators are the best places to store the dough if you plan to use it for a few days. If it is kept outside, then there are chances that the dough would get fermented and unfit for use. Avoid making rotis and breads from dough that is directly pulled out from the refrigerator. Let it stay at normal temperature for few minutes and then start preparing rotis and breads. The time lapse between these activities make sure that the dough gets its softness and elasticity back.

All the above mentioned hacks are very simple to follow.These tips will certainly ensure that the dough you use for making rotis and breads stays fresh, soft and tastes delicious.

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