6 More Tips to Help Your Online Video to Rank More Highly

With the ability to communicate even the most complex ideas effectively and efficiently, online video is a powerful tool that should not be overlooked. The following are six additional tips to help you to secure top-ranking positions and place your content in front of a receptive and interested audience.

Long-Tail Keywords

Relying on popular keywords alone is tricky, which is why long-tail keywords are so important. Google Keyword Planner is an excellent tool for identifying relevant long-tail keywords within your niche, helping you to accurately appeal to your target audience and secure a solid ranking position for your central target keyword.


Encouraging your audience to complete a specific action will help you to determine whether your video content has been successful. You may want them to click through to your website, subscribe to your newsletter or download your app, but they won’t follow through without being presented with a clear and persuasive call-to-action.

Paid Promotion

Video advertising can yield excellent results, but this is only true if your content is of the highest quality. Built-in analytics technology will help you to keep track of your advertising performance, and it is recommended that you follow through with A/B testing to ensure your investment is delivering positive results.

Channel Optimisation

Fine-tuning your channel page is as important as the content it houses. Create eye-catching artwork for your channel background, include an accurate description of your business and include links to your website and additional social media platforms. Think of your channel page as an extension of your brand, and working with a professional London SEO agency, such as https://www.elevateuk.com/, will help you to ensure your online presence is seen as consistent and seamlessly professional.

Audience Engagement

Encouraging your viewers to comment on your videos is an excellent way to open additional channels of conversation. Demonstrating that you are keen to respond to questions and queries will help you to develop your online presence and to forge meaningful relationships with your audience.


After investing time, money and resources into producing high-quality video content, don’t forget to share it across your social media channels. You could even incorporate them into blog posts for your website or guest articles for external sites to increase your reach and appeal to new audiences.

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