5 Skills Needed To Become A Great Sports Coach

While most of us are unlikely to go down in global history for our coaching skills, becoming a sports coach can be one of the most satisfying roles you will ever play, whether it is your full-time job or you are a weekend warrior.

People become sports coaches for varying reasons, from evolving from competitive sport or simply because they want to get involved rather than standing on the side-lines.

If you have ever thought about becoming a sports coach to help children or adults of all abilities to improve their sporting skills, you may be wondering where to go to find out what is involved. The National Careers Service is a good place to start and there are plenty of coaching websites where you can dig deeper into what is required.

Role model

Don’t forget that you are likely to become a positive role model for the individuals you coach, so make sure you look the part. If everyone in the club looks the same, such as wearing the same team football kits, you are a step closer to building a positive team spirit. Check out sites such as kitking.co.uk to see what is available.

Key skills

What are the key skills you will need to be an effective sports coach? The top five are:

1. Good communications skills – you will be dealing with individuals from all backgrounds and viewpoints, so it is vital you listen twice as much as you talk!

2. A thirst for knowledge – make sure you are not only up to speed on the latest rule changes but also that you can share statistics and results to demonstrate your passion.

3. An impeccable sense of fair play to instill in your teams – be supportive of attitude and effort in addition to results when choosing who competes and who is on the bench.

4. Problem-solving skills – you have listened and are faced with a range of seemingly irreconcilable solutions. How you handle these challenges will make or break your reputation, so be prepared to think outside the box to create a win-win solution.

5. Motivational skills – think about how tweaking mindset has proven time and time again to be the difference between an average and an outstanding team. Leicester City FC springs to mind here.

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