Top Gifting Items for 1-Year Olds

Here are a few options for gifts that you can gift your niece on her first birthday –

Soft Toys
Babies love soft toys because there cozy to sleep with, super soft to touch and are excellent to cuddle with as well. You can shop for soft toys from any baby store or from any e-gifting store that allows you to send gifts to Jaipur, Mumbai or anywhere across India for affordable shipping charges. Be sure to not buy faux fur toys because babies love to nibble on their toys and the faux fur can cause complications in the respiratory tract of the baby. Faux fur can also cause a lot of allergies in babies.

Musical baby walker
Why buy an old school baby walker when you can purchase a super colorful, premium quality musical baby walker for you niece! The comfy cushion chair will ensure she sits comfortably in case she doesn’t want to walk. Be sure to buy a foldable baby walker that you sister can store it easily around the house as well as carry it around during their family travels. If you live far away from your sister, you can purchase this online from any ecommerce website or gifting website that send gifts to Jaipur and basically all over India for affordable shipping rates.

Pretty clothes
This is one of the most common gifts for babies, but it is definitely one that never gets old! A growing baby needs a lot of clothes because they grow super fast till the age of 3. Ensure that the clothes you purchase for your niece are one size bigger so that she can grow into them and continue wearing them even a year or two later! You can also go that extra level and personalize her clothes with her name or her initials!

Shape sorter game
Growing babies need fun activities which will make their growing mind sharper and more attentive. You can gift your niece a shape sorter toy which is a super fun trial and error game that babies absolutely love! You can get a wooden one or a plastic one; both of these are excellent. You can get these online at ecommerce websites on at any local baby store.

Musical instruments
Babies love sounds and weird and funny noises which is why musical instruments are an excellent gift choice for your niece! There are special music instruments made for kids such as mini drums, tambourine and other such instruments which require her to play with the instruments to make the noise!

Bath toys
Bath time is that special moment between a mom and the baby where she spends that alone time with her baby cleaning the baby up and playing with the baby in the bath! Bath toys are an excellent addition to the bath time which your niece will love! Get her cute ducklings, unicorns, mermaids, sailing boats and other such floating bath toys which will keep her occupied during the bath time. Your sister will it too!

If you don’t want all these options, send Jaipur sweets online to loved ones.

5 Gift Combinations for Valentine’s Day to Impress Your Spouse

Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days in the life of couples. And every couple tries to celebrate Valentine’s Day in such a manner that the memories of the day are cherished throughout the life. Planning the day with surprise and amazing gifts is one of the adorable ways to celebrate this day.

There are various gifts which can be gifted on this day, however, sending or giving a perfect combination of Valentine’s Day is in trend these days. Nevertheless, finding the best combos can be a confusing task for you if you want to make your spouse feel special on this day. Do not worry, as here is the list of top 5 amazing yet easily available gift combinations to go with the celebration and they will sure make that your beloved will fall in love with you.

1. Cakes and Flowers: Cakes and Flowers are one of the best gifts to express your love to your spouse. Convey your love to your spouse with a yummy cake and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The delicious cakes, as well as flowers, never fail to convey the innermost emotions and they are the most apt way to convey any feeling to your loved ones.

2. Chocolates and couple statues: It is believed that the sweetness of the chocolates will surely make your spouse fall in love with you. The joy it spreads and the smile it brings on the face of your beloved is priceless. You can choose this combination as this is available at many gifting platforms. The statue of the couple is also considered to be a romantic gift which can stay close to the heart of your spouse.

3. Personalized cushions and mugs: Personalized gifts are loved by everyone as they have the personal touch added, making them more special. And when it comes to picking up the valentine gifts, they can be chosen to make your spouse feel special. Try picking a photograph which is close to your hearts. And cushions, as well as mugs, Insulation cups are useful items, so every time your spouse uses them, it is sure that he/she will appreciate your efforts and will be nostalgic remembering this day.

4. Perfumes and Flowers: A perfume from one of the best brands along with the beautiful flowers can always make your spouse feel special. So, you can either purchase a combo available online or buy the favorite perfume of your beloved and can gift it along with a beautiful flowers bouquet. The fragrance of love will spread in your relationship with the amazing fragrance of perfume as well as with the bouquet of flowers.

5. Collection of assorted chocolates: When your spouse is a crazy fan of chocolates, then nothing can be better than this gift. Trying buying and gifting combo which has just chocolates, chocolates from the leading brands. And you will get such combos easily on online gifting portals. Remember going with the choices which are the favorites of your spouse.

7 Unique Gift Ideas To Try This Year

Sometimes you feel like wanting to do more during the gift-giving season than just handing someone an ordinary pair of socks. Naturally, You want to get the special people in your life a memorable and unique gift. You don’t want to get them something boring like a spoon and fork set(unless they like collecting spoons, or really need a new one, of course)

You want to find something that they will adore and suit their unique personalities. So whether you have a friend who is a huge Game Of Thrones fan or someone who is an animal lover. We have a collection of unique gifts that are sure to put a smile on their face and yours. So, kick up your feet, grab a mug of tea and browse from our unique gift ideas

Spa robe for pets

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who has pets. Then this pet robe is the perfect gift for dog-lovers. I don’t even have dogs and I could barely stand how cute this little pet robe is. It’s super soft and available in different colors and sizes. It can be used as a towel to dry off your dog, keep him warm and also help keep your car interiors dry after a day of swimming.

Personalized Cushion

Personalized gifts are great and always end up being unique. With personalized cushions, You can make it so that there is a certain name, message or quote that associates with the person you’re gifting or choose to have images of things and places they really enjoy. The possibilities in terms of what you can get printed on a cushion are endless. Lastly, You can also choose to do a monogram of 12 different images all beautifully coming together.

A wine or chocolate tasting experience

Nowadays, There are many places where you can buy your friends a chocolate tasting or wine tasting experience. This is a really unique and great gift for couples who enjoys such experiences or someone who just likes trying out new things. It’s fairly easy to get a hold of these places and the whole experience all together creates great memories.

Jon Snow Funko Pop Figure

This gift is a must for a diehard Game Of Thrones fan. It’s everyone’s favorite Jon Snow in the form of a funko pop. The amount of detail to small little things in this product is just amazing. It’s perfect for your desk or work table. It can even work as a decorative in an open shelf or TV cabinet.

A tea box with assortment of tea

I’m sure something similar is available for you coffee lovers but this lovely tea box would certainly be a great gift for tea lovers. It contains an assortment of tea bags including exotic blends like Darjeeling from India and Oolang from Taiwan. Tea is super healthy for you as it contains high level of polyphenols & antioxidants which promote healthier skin, weight loss and better immunity overall.

Writer’s/Book Lover’s Necklace

I just had to include this on here, It’s a great gift for book lovers or anyone who loves to write. It’s a beautiful necklace featuring a quill and a book, both of which can be removed. So, If you want you can choose to use only one. It sits on a silver plated chain and you can also opt for different designs like a seahorse or typewriter if the book and quill doesn’t interest you. I personally own this myself and absolutely love this necklace. I want to get this for all my blogger friends. Did I mention it costs less than 6$?

Bedside SmartPhone Vase

The last gift is going to be this pretty and multitasking gift. The vase is handmade using glazed stoneware. It acts a phone stand while charging your phone and the stand can also hold fresh cut flowers. This gift works for anyone as it’s visually appealing and has the daily utility. It’s perfect for keeping by your bedside so that you can wake up to the smell of fresh flowers and a fully charged phone.

Christmas Festival Celebrate Birth Anniversary of Lord Jesus

Christmas festival is around the corner and everyone starts doing preparations for the festival. Christmas festival is to celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. People believed that on 25th of December he was born to the mother Mary and father Joseph. Christmas festival is the primary festival of Christian people and they celebrate this festival with faith, joy, and enthusiasm.

On the occasion of Merry Christmas Folks send each other Merry Christmas Shayari from their smart phones and gadgets. They also exchange gifts with each other. This is 10-day long festival people start celebrations of Christmas on 24th of December and continue until 5th of January.

When the festival about to come staff of churches all across the globe starts clean the churches whitewash it, decorate it with lights and flowers not only churches but on this primary festival, Christians also clean their home whitewash it and few days prior to Christmas decorate it with lights and Christmas tree.

Nearly a week before Christmas people start singing Christmas carols and greets everyone Merry Christmas. Markets and streets decorated with lights, lamps, and flowers etc. people buy new clothes on Christmas so shopkeepers offer discounts to their customers, be it a flower shop, apparels shop, greeting  cards, toy shop everyone offer discounts to their customers.

Midnight mass is the other most important part of the Christmas festival. On the midnight before 25th December churches arranged a midnight mass where all Christian people together and offer prayers to the Lord Jesus and sung Christmas carol together and Read Scripture. Now many churches celebrate midnight mass earlier in the evening to make it more comfortable for the families with young children. According to tradition, Catholics Christian celebrates three masses on the Christmas day, first at midnight, then at dawn and during the day.

On the day of Christmas, in evening people visit the church, lighten up the candle in front the idol of Lord Jesus and mother Mary and ask for the happiness of their friends and family. On Christmas Eve people eat dinner with their family and friends which is also an important tradition called as Christmas feast.

Ladies of the house prepare delicious food for the Christmas feast in which roasted turkey, pudding cakes etc are including on the menu. After having dinner all together sung Christmas carols perform their traditional dance and this is how people celebrate Christmas festival.

Merry Christmas Whatsapp status

“May Santa Clause bring you lots of gifts! May your home be filled with peace and bliss! May Jesus shower his abundant blessing on you! Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Promising New Year!!  ”

“May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with warmth and love. Christmas is the time of giving and sharing. It is the time of loving and forgiving. Happy Christmas Day…”

“I hope that your Christmas would be Eenjoyableand may the essence of Christmas remains always with you. Merry Christmas to all friends.”

Christmas Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

As Christmas fast approaches, finding the right gift for the man who has everything can be tricky. Most adults treat themselves to the things they want on a monthly basis so if the man in your life appears to have everything they want already, what can you do? Here are some unique ideas for those hard to buy for males:

Fossil Bookends – We’re not trying to suggest that you’re buying for a fossil but for a book-loving man in your life, fossilised bookends are a truly unique gift. They can be purchased polished and made from wood that’s become fossilised over 100 million years. They’ll look distinctive and distinguished on a bookcase or shelf in his man cave.

Posh Toothbrush – This looks far better than it sounds. Some high-end electric toothbrushes come in a matte black ceramic finish with five different settings. It even features a setting just for teeth whitening. Electric toothbrushes are excellent for cleaning teeth and can look super-stylish too.

Extremely Manly Toiletries – The Duke Cannon Handsome Man Grooming Can looks like part of the DIY stuff found in the shed. Never before have toiletries looked so rough and ready but tough guys will love it. The kit contains military-spec sunglasses, ‘big ass’ soap bars, ‘bloody knuckles’ hand cream and other mean grooming essentials.

Tank Warfare – Does your fella love war films, playing war games or is fascinated by military history? Then forget the museum tours and let him experience the real thing. Did you know you can spend a day driving a real tank? Engage in paintball type skirmishes or just experience what it actually feels like to drive one of these beasts. For more information about a Tank Driving Day, visit

Ultimate Phone Case – If your chap is forever dropping his phone and replacing smashed screens etc then give him the gift of an indestructible mobile phone case. It is dirt-proof, water-proof and most importantly, drop-proof. Whatever his occupation or hobby, his phone will stay protected without the annoying covering of plastic or glass obscuring the screen.

Personalised Chopping Board – Got a dad, brother, husband or son who’s a whizz in the kitchen and adores cooking up a storm? Then treat him to his very own personalised cutting board for all his veggie and meat chopping needs. A bamboo board with laser engraving can carry his initials or a message of your choice. It’s a thoughtful gift that will give him years of use.

Go Retro – We are all bombarded with digital gadgets and gizmos all day every day so go retro with a stunning analog clock fashioned from an old ship’s propeller for example. There are many different retro gifts available which offer a refreshing break from the constant touch-screen, digital equipment we’re used to.

Germ Zapper – Heading back to the digital age, our mobiles phones are one of the most germ ridden items we use on daily basis. They don’t often get cleaned but are put on all manner of surfaces, touched endlessly and held against our faces. The Germ Zapping charging case kills 99.9% of all germs through the clever use of UV rays.